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  • David Fuller

    Klaus Riptide here. Kudos on your decision to release prowling locations as you finish them! I've enjoyed prowling Aerothine, although I'm still disappointed in this: when I'm successful in a mission, and the story tells me how generously I'm rewarded, it seems someone didn't notify the algorithms. It's kind of a let down, seriously. (I realize this game relies heavily on the imagination, but it would have been nice to actually have that seeing stone in my inventory lol.) " You we're generously rewarded", and I get a head and some Xp and some sunblock? Bummer. Better drops in prowling would be nice. As for the story, I get that the pointless rewards from Erebus were your joke back to whiney players who lost in events. I was glad to see the demise of that buffoon, and much more the Warmaster. We don't need Marvel characters on the Darkside. Was annoyed by the length of reading, associated with, but after reading "Raising Cain", I'm both excited and bummed. THAT was excellent, readable, and interesting story writing. Can't wait to read "Risen". Disappointed you must put it on hold, and can't wait till you can get back to it. I love a good scifi/fantasy/vampire/ supernatural story, especially cool I can be a character and participate in it! The story got kind of stupid over the last year, but it's taken a creatively exciting turn. I hope that continues! And I will continue, as much as topside life allows, to be a part of it. Maybe I'll even overthrow that stingy ass Council....

  • Larry Riggs

    Maybe. We could get a new blood line

  • Linda Mino McKeen

    prowling in Aerothine, appeared one day then never came up again.  Is there anywhere to check if your missing prowling items for given area before playing next area?

  • Joeb

    Hi, Linda! In order to prowl Aerothine, you need Minute Essence 1, 2, 3, and 4. These can be collected anywhere in Prowling. Once all 4 are collected, visit the Necromancer in Catacombs>Passage 4, filter by Prowling.

    There you can fuse Full Essence which will open the Darkside locations (currently only Aerothine) for 12hrs! The time does not stack, so you'll do best to wait the 24hrs until you fuse Full Essence again.

  • Ana-Maria Casvean


    Is this a new development? Last time I prowled in Aerothine with a full essence the city would remain open for 12 hours only.

  • Chinh Le

    VDS...Joeb...Thank you for the news of all the wonderful additions to the game.  I know how hard the development team works in order to keep this game interesting and enjoyable for the gamers...
    Now, I only have one question.  Could u please clarify what days are consider "Hoildays" by the developers so that we players can have an idea of when a Holiday event will be offered?  I know that there are some holidays that will be obvious, such as Christmas, New Year's, Easter, Thanksgiving...But what abt other holidays like Valentine's Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Halloween, even The United States Independence day, which may not be celebrated by players from other nations, etc etc??  Will the development team release a list of the holidays in which the game will offer the holiday events and everything that comes with those events??...
    Thank you for ur time and consideration...

  • Joeb

    Hi, Ana-Maria. This is not a new development, rather it's a typo. The correct time the Darkside remains open is 12hrs. Our previous comment has been edited to reflect that. Thank you!

  • Joeb

    Hi, Chinh. Unfortunately we can't clarify this for you at this time. The developers have yet to make their final decisions. We've been told that you can expect all the favored US holidays that you've listed. Others are still being subject to scrutiny. We're told the goal is to have at least one a month, provided that the holidays in question may actually fit that goal. Please also keep in mind that the developers are US based, so the holiday events will likely be based on that country's holiday list. Thank you!

  • Chinh Le

    Joeb...Today is Jan 10th...Do u know when the new additions and changes to game will be implemented today?

  • Joeb

    Hi, Chinh. Thanks for your question. We are generally not informed on game down times in advance. As always keep watch of the VDS App Page for Game Down announcements. Thanks!

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