Runes: Overview

Runes are an excellent source for quick rewards, especially those that will power-up your vampire character. Runes come in (6) different qualities, each containing a specific cache of items. Runes can be collected/stacked indefinitely, and transformed at your whim for a per-rune red blood cost.

Read on to learn more details and features of runes!


Obtaining Runes
Runes have a very rare chance to be discovered when winning a normal PvP fight, a rare chance through defeating Darkside Prowling Bosses, won from live gaming event rewards, or from being purchased as a package via the Council.

When you obtain a rune from PvP combat, know that some runes are more rare to find than others. This is based on quality, with the highest obtainable quality (Gold*) being the most rare and the lowest quality (White) being the least rare to find.

*Note that Magenta runes cannot be obtained from PvP fight wins. They are only obtainable from Titan class Prowling Bosses, as an extra reward item from Gold runes, as Live Event rewards, or from purchase at the Council.

When obtaining Runes from Prowling Bosses, you can expect the rune quality to meet the quality (difficulty) of boss. For example, if you're fighting a Noble (blue) Boss, you have a chance of receiving a Blue quality rune after defeating them*.

*Note that this means that you can indeed farm for runes while you're prowling, just by learning where to encounter bosses of the quality rune you're searching for and defeating them.


Locating Your Runes Collection
If you've discovered a rune, you can find it by navigating to Town > Runes. Here you will find your entire collection of stored runes, including the quality and number collected.



Transforming Runes

Runes can be transformed individually, for a per-rune Red Blood cost. Per-rune costs are based on the quality of the Rune. This means for example that a Gold Rune is more expensive than a White Rune to transform. Per-rune costs will always remain the same regardless how many runes you transform.

Each single rune transformed will offer a single item reward. Note that this is a one-for-one system on all runes, meaning (1) transformed rune = (1) reward item.

However, every rune also has a chance to award you a rune of equal or greater value as a secondary item to your original reward.

Runes can be transformed in the same location they are stored, by visiting Town > Runes. Transform a rune by pressing on the image of your collected rune, then press the transform button.

Provided you have the appropriate Red Blood cost on hand, your rune will be instantly transformed into a new reward item. It's that easy!

Example of a rune collection and the transformation button, in Town > Runes


Gifting Runes
Runes you've obtained can also be gifted to your friends. Gifting of runes is the same as other collectable item gifting. Simply choose the friend you'd like to gift your collected rune to and send it!

Any rune you've gifted will disappear from your inventory, and any rune you've received as a gift from a friend will appear in your inventory. Collecting gifted runes can be done either through your Facebook wall post, or from the Home > Events tab.

To learn the ins and outs of general gifting, please see our knowledge base article on Gifting Devourables. Note that the Mystery Gift option will not contain runes.


Rune Qualities
Each quality of rune oversees a certain dominion (or cache) of items. These items are themed, making runes very easy to understand at a glance.

Quality   Dominion
White = Standard Rewards
Blue = Power Rewards
Green = Consumable Rewards
Purple = Virtual Currency Rewards
Gold = Legendary Rewards
Magenta = Titanic Rewards


Live Gaming Events
Runes will not be attainable from PvP fight wins during live events. This will resume when the event ends.

Continue on to our next article, Runes: Quality & Contents, to see an itemized list of each rune's potential reward.


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