Clan Overview

Clan Overview
Of course a certain number of clan are required in order to complete missions. You'll find these numbers within the missions requirements on the Missions page. However of equal importance is how clan factors into your PvP battles. While it isn't the most important factor, it's true that the more clan you have over your rival the better your odds are of wining the fight.

To this end you can help ensure that your vampire will be at its strongest by fighting with a full Clan. This means you should be purchasing enough powers to cover your Clan, and maintain this as your Clan grows.

Why Clan is Important to Combat
Clan affects fighting in that you must purchase enough powers (and slaves to support those powers) to equip each member in your Clan. This membership includes NPC/phantom Clan.

The max Clan one can use in battle is 1000 [+1/you]. So at full clan this means you should equip 1000 powers for your clan, and an extra 1 for yourself. Though you're welcome to exceed that number to any degree you like!

Clan as a Social Aspect
As well as being a cornerstone in VDS, Clan also serves as a way to communicate and play with friends. You can add live players to your clan, giving you the ability to be in touch with them as often as you like. You can get together and strategize against your enemies, learn even more about the game, or simply chit-chat!

With social interactions being so important to the fun of gaming it's important to create Clan with live players.

If you've already achieved your Clan maximum, you can still invite more to join you. The clan you have can be added indefinitely, with 1001 only being the max used in battle.

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