Runes: Purchasing

The Council has taken up the mining of runes and has now made them for sale to anyone on the Darkside. Sold in three different packages, the Council will accept Favor Points in exchange for the package of your choosing.


Rune Packages
The Council's rune packages vary in quality and amount, with Favor Point costs based on those factors.

Essential Rune Package
Purchase the Essential Rune Package and you'll instantly obtain:  x1 White, x1 Green, x1 Blue, and x1 Purple runes!

Example of the Essential Rune Package

Premier Rune Package
Purchase the Premier Rune Package and you'll instantly obtain: x1 White, x1 Green, x1 Blue, x1 Purple, and x1 Gold runes!

Example of the Premier Rune Package

Ultimate Rune Package
Purchase the Ultimate Rune Package and you'll instantly obtain: x2 White, x2 Green,  x2 Blue, x2 Purple, x2 Gold, and x1 Magenta runes!

As an added bonus, anytime you purchase an Ultimate Rune Package you'll have a chance of receiving a +1 of every item in the package. That means you could get an extra set of: x1 White, x1 Green, x1 Purple, x1 Gold, and x1 Magenta runes!

Example of the Ultimate Rune Package, with bonus chance of a +1 on all


Buying a Rune Package
To buy a rune package, simply visit the Council > Strengthen tab.


Choose the Package which best suits you, then press the associated BUY button. Provided you have enough Favor Points [FP] for the transaction, the FP amount will be deducted from your account and you'll see a confirmation box alerting you to the success of your purchase.

Your runes will be instantly delivered to the Town > Runes tab, where you'll be able to transform your runes for the relative per-rune Red Blood cost. Runes stack indefinitely, so it's up to you how many you'd like to buy and when you want to transform them into your powerful new rewards!


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