Runesinger: Lore & History

Runes & The Runesinger

Ancient artifacts have been discovered across the Darkside. Said to have been here long before the time of vampire, they're referred to simply as Runes. They seemed to have little value at first, but that would soon change.

Sind'Ra arrived to the Darkside, receiving fame after revealing herself as a vampire who is innately attuned to the runes. She calls herself a Runesinger. For many years discovered runes have been quietly passed through her clan, their secrets being revealed from predecessor to new initiate.

Sind'Ra's history can be uncovered while prowling the The Soils!

As the only unliving Runesinger, Sind'Ra asserts that the runes are semi-sentient singing-stones capable of many unfathomable things. Only a Runesinger can hear their songs, and in singing back to them she can aid them in a special transformation, making runes more valuable than ever thought.

Sind'Ra describes that the Runes that can be transformed can be found in (6) different qualities, with each quality of rune holding dominion over certain desires of vampire. When properly attuned by a Runesinger, they have the potential to become any item within the dominion over which it rules.


That means any rune can be transformed into an item under a certain set. Sind'Ra explains that though she assists in its transformation it is up to the individual rune to reveal its true power, as only the runes know what they will become. But Sind'Ra is an enterprising vampire, and will only assist you in runesinging for a reasonable red blood fee. She has to make an unliving somehow!

With the discovery of runes becoming more prolific by the night, runes can now be found as a very rare reward in a vampire's daily combat. However the Council is now mining runes for sale to those who would prefer to stockpile them.

Sind'Ra can be found in any local town, awaiting those who have found these precious stones. Visit her at your whim and see what powerful treasures are given for your find!

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