Banking Your Red Blood
Red Blood is a precious commodity on the Darkside. Keeping your accumulated Red blood on hand can be a dangerous thing, as any time you're attacked, you risk your opponent stealing it from you!

Never worry! Hemoglobal, the Red Blood banking empire is here to keep your finances safe!

Just press Town on your Home screen, then press the Bank tab.


Once here, type in the amount of Red Blood you'd like to bank, and press Deposit. Note that Hemoglobal does take a 10% fee from your banked blood to support their services.

Example of depositing red Blood into your local Hemoglobal bank


Looking to withdraw blood? No Problem. Just type in the amount you'd like to receive and press Withdraw. Instantly you'll have that amount as cash on hand!

Example of Withdrawing Red blood from your local Hemoglobal bank

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