Dark Marks

Your Dark Mark

Dark Marks are your personal game ID and each Darksider has one. Your Dark Mark is private (though you can chose to share it!), and unique to you.


What Your Mark Does

Dark Marks are used to invite people to your clan who are already playing VDS. By sharing your Dark Mark, another player can use it to send you an invite to their clan and vice versa. To learn more about how Dark Marks work for inviting Clan, see our related article: Organizing Clan & Inviting Friends.

They're also used here at the community Support Desk to allow Support Agents to better help you with your technical and account issues. Sharing your Dark Mark with us lets us quickly identify you ingame.


Where You Can Find It

Your Dark Mark is located on the Clan page, under the Add Darksiders tab.

Here's an example of what it looks like on the page:


How You Can Share It

You can share your Dark Mark anywhere! Copy and Paste your code into Profile comments, share it on the Fan Page or Event Rooms, or give it to friends on Facebook. Once someone has your Dark Mark, they can use it to invite you to their clan!

Of course you don't have to share your code. You're welcome to keep it private if you're not looking for more clan.


Who Can Use It

Anyone who has your Dark Mark and is already playing VDS will be able to send you a Clan request. When that invitation is sent, the player who sent it will only see your current picture and your ingame name.

This means invitations can be sent by other players who are not on your Facebook Friend list. Keep in mind, however, that it is up to the person who received the invite to accept or reject it.


Why Dark Marks Have Been Introduced

Dark Marks have been introduced to the game as a result of Facebook's policy changes regarding how developers can identify their users. The changes Facebook implemented have encoded all Faceook ID's, making it very difficult for the developers to identify a specific player, which resulted in a laborious process to effectively assist you in your technical and account issues. The Dark mark system eases that process for you and the developers.

The Dark Mark System also has potential to be used a in a variety of new ways, and the developers are looking forward to expanding the use of the system to future features.


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