Gifting Devourables to Friends

Gifting to Friends

Gifting devourables to your facebook friends is as easy as a few simple steps. Before you endeavor to send a gift, you might first want to decide if you'll be sending them a gift directly from your inventory or send them a mystery gift!

If you already understand how to send gifts but are having trouble, please see the bottom of this article for some troubleshooting tips.


Specific Gifts and Mystery Gifts

Mystery Gift (Free Surprise Gift): This is a free gift to your friend! It doesn't remove any items from your inventory, though which devourable gift your friend receives is entirely unpredictable!

Specific Gift: Choosing a specific devourable gift means you're literally taking one of your items and giving it to a friend. It will deduct that item from your inventory and send it to your intended friend.


How to Gift to Friends

Gifting to friends is easy. Travel to your Catacombs > Passage 1. At the bottom of your devourables section you'll see a button that says "Give".

Pressing it will bring up the gifting dialog. It looks like this:

Choosing a gift:
On the left side of this dialog is a drop-down menu. It defaults to "Free Surprise Gift", but you can click this and change it to a specific gift, should you like.

Choosing a Friend:
On the right side, press the "Select Friend to Gift" button, and you'll receive a Facebook dialog. It looks similar to this:

Initially, at the bottom, there is a row of names and pictures of who Facebook suggests for you to interact with. It's common that the person you're looking for is not on that list, so we're going to ignore it for now.

Back up at the top, you'll see a rough preview of how your message will look and what it will say. It includes your picture and your name. This is alerting you to the fact that your friend will know this gift is from you.

Below this is a tab that says "All Friends" and a Search Bar. Don't worry about changing the "All Friends" tab, as it's simply alerting you to what your Search Bar will be searching through. Just start typing your friend's name in the Search Bar and you should instantly see their name and picture generate in the window.

Here's an example:

Once your intended friend is displaying in the field, just click the "Send" button to the right of their name. This will close the Facebook dialog, and return you to the VDS dialog.

You'll notice that your friend's picture is now in the VDS dialog. Here's an example:

That's great! that means you've successfully chosen your friend and you're ready to go. Now just press "Give" and you'll get a super awesome preview of your gift, where you can type in your message.

Here's an example:

when you're ready, press the "Post to Facebook" button and your gift will land promptly on your friend's Facebook timeline!


Having Trouble?

Cant Send Gifts:
In the event that your gifting is not working or you receive an error, don't be discouraged! It could just be that you need to give us permission to post on your behalf! Look to the left of the gifting button, and you'll see a line of text with a Gold link that says "Click Here". Click it, and give your gifting another try!

Here's an example:

If that doesn't seem to fix your issue, please contact a Support Agent by opening a new ticket request.

Can't Find a Friend:
Friends who don't show up in the friend selector search bar may be due to a couple reasons:
1) You've mistyped their name. Check your spelling and try again!
2) They have their Facebook security settings set very high. If that's the case, you won't be able to gift to them.

Can't Post to a Friend's Wall
Your friend may not allow others to post to their Facebook Timeline. The best you can do is ask your friend to change their settings!

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