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Prowling: Legendary Powers



  • David Fuller

    Two questions. First, does "status effect" mean that it temporarily adds that much to your att/def skill point stats, like a relic, and can more than one of the SAME legendary be used at a time?

  • Joeb

    Hey, David! Thanks for your questions. 1) Yes, the status effect works by allocating SP within the listed range of the effect. This is called a status effect as it is a temporary battle buff, happening in the moment of battle.

    2) Yes and No. More than one legendary's A/D stats can be stacked and used for used in battle. In fact stats-wise, all your legendaries could be used, but th normal rules about powers still apply, meaning only your strongest powers will be used in descendant order.

    The status effects from the legendaries cannot be stacked. As it states in the article, while you can own multiple legendaries only one will be randomly chosen during your fight. Whether you have more than one of that power, it will still only enact the status effect of one, somewhere through the listed range.

    Hope that helps!


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