Prowling: Legendary Powers

About Legendary Powers 

Legendary Powers are a unique category of powers to the Darkside. Earned only from Prowling and intended for use in PvP combat, legendary powers have usable combat stats, can be equipped to full clan, and each come with unique extra ability modifiers!

How to Attain Legendary Powers 

Legendary powers are only found while Prowling as a very rare reward from defeating specific legendary enemies. As legendary powers are specific to legendary enemies, you must hunt and defeat the enemy who holds it.

As an example, there is (1) legendary enemy per Topside location and there are (5) locations. This equals (5) different legendary weapons to locate, collect and use.

Once attained, your legendary powers, their amounts, and effects can be viewed on the Powers page, under the Legendary tab.

What makes Legendary Powers Special

While the combat stats for legendary powers are best used by a fully equipped clan, holding even one in your arsenal brings you an amazing benefit in PvP, as each come with unique extra ability modifiers.

These modifiers, called status effects, process only for the player who owns it and can activate at any time (with one exception) during your combat  with another player.

The status effect of a given legendary power offers a variable percent chance of an increased Attack or Defense amount on the player’s attacks during a PvP encounter.

The Legendary Powers

Defiled Armor

A: 70
D: 129

Status Effect: When attacked, chance to use a corrupted Holy Barrier.
Adds 3-9 Holy defense on the vampire who wears it. 


Mask of Woes

A: 129
D: 65

Status Effect: During any attack, chance to invoke Sunlight.
Adds 8-15 sun damage for the vampire who wears it.


Grave Omen

A: 69
D: 132

Status Effect: When attacked, chance use Corpse Wall.
Adds 7-14 defense from corpses on the vampire who holds it.


Scimitar of Ruination

A: 125
D: 75

Status Effect: During any attack, chance to invoke Darkness.
Adds 5-11 void damage to the vampire who wields it.


Devil's Backbone

A: 135
D: 62

Status Effect: During first attack, chance to invoke Hellish Accuracy.
Kills any opponent on the first strike. Requires defender to have 100% health to activate.


Things to Remember

Legendaries cannot be sold
• Legendaries have no upkeep
Status effects are only activated by the person who owns it
Status effects have a chance to proc on every attack, except Devils' Backbone, which only procs on the first hit (provided the defender is fully healed).
If you own multiple legendaries, only one can be used at a time, and is randomly selected from your legendary arsenal.
When a legendary procs, you'll see the status effect in your fight dialog. It will look similar to a special finishing move.


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  • Avatar
    David Fuller

    Two questions. First, does "status effect" mean that it temporarily adds that much to your att/def skill point stats, like a relic, and can more than one of the SAME legendary be used at a time?

  • Avatar

    Hey, David! Thanks for your questions. 1) Yes, the status effect works by allocating SP within the listed range of the effect. This is called a status effect as it is a temporary battle buff, happening in the moment of battle.

    2) Yes and No. More than one legendary's A/D stats can be stacked and used for used in battle. In fact stats-wise, all your legendaries could be used, but th normal rules about powers still apply, meaning only your strongest powers will be used in descendant order.

    The status effects from the legendaries cannot be stacked. As it states in the article, while you can own multiple legendaries only one will be randomly chosen during your fight. Whether you have more than one of that power, it will still only enact the status effect of one, somewhere through the listed range.

    Hope that helps!

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