Prowling: Getting Started

Excited about Prowling? There's a lot to know, but it's all easy to use! It only takes two clicks to begin your adventures in the human realm. Read on to learn how!

It's So Easy to Prowl!

When you enter the Prowling page for the first time, you'll be greeted with a small section near the top that shows you all of your available locations.

Notice there's a helpful banner at the top! As it says, you only have to pick the location you want to prowl in to get started!

First Time Entry Example

In this example, only Rome is available. In this situation, you'd just click on the image of Rome and you're ready to go!

Once you've clicked on your location, you'll see it changes to blue with a location pin. This means it's selected! Also notice how the banner at the top has changed?

Location Selected Example

Here we see the location in blue with the location pin, and the location's name is now highlighted in green. That means you're ready to go!

That done, next is so easy it'll make your head spin. Just to press the Prowl button and you're on your way!

The Prowl Button

Remember that you only have (8) Free Prowls every (6) hours. After you spend those eight you'll need Instinct Points to keep prowling!

To learn more about Prowling basics, please drop by our Prowling Overview article!


All the words!

So you've hit the Prowl button, now what? Now you enjoy the goodness of text-based games: reading! Prowling is based on stories. These stories each tell the tale of your character in a specific scenario. Some scenarios are short and relay the story, while some offer choices that make your story so long and twisting they'll blow your mind!

All the while, you'll be taking in big rewards or shrugging off small penalties. These are your Prowling outcomes, and whether they're positive or negative determines whether your rewarded or penalized.

There are a selection of different scenario types, including boss fights that will be randomly generated for you each time you press Prowl. All that from just one press of the Prowl Button? Nice!

If you want to learn more about the the different Prowling Scenario types, see our Prowling Scenarios article!

If you're looking to learn about Prowling Boss Fights, drop by our Prowling Bosses article!

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  • Avatar

    It says "Remember that you only have (8) Free Prowls every (12) hours. After you spend those eight you'll need Instinct Points to keep prowling!"
    I only started with 6 free Prowls, I have 3 left and they never have been rest to 8, let alone every 12 hours.
    Has this changed ??? If so then could the text be changed as well, thanks.

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