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Prowling is teeming with baddies! At any given time you'll be given the option to go toe-to-toe with any variety of bosses. Whether or not you can defeat them depends on your character's stats and the difficulty level of that boss. But before we get into the details, let's go over the basics first.

Boss Encounters

Bosses can be found all throughout prowling. Each time you press prowl, there's a chance you'll encounter a boss. This is especially true for Multiple scenarios, where their appearances (and some bosses themselves) have been tailored to that story. Depending on your choices within a multiple, you may be able to avoid themthey may surprise youor they may be your target!

Each location has a different amount of bosses, some more than others. You'll find at least one group customized to each location. The Sethian Knights, for example, will only be found in Rome. Because we're always getting Darkside bounties from our enemies, a Vampire Assassins group can be found chasing you in every location. The groups in each location cover difficulties from White to Purple.

Meanwhile a variety of other single bosses exist, each with their own difficulty levels. Some can be found in the wild anytime you press Prowl, while others yet are hidden inside multiple scenarios.

Finding them all will certainly be an undertaking like none other, and will require some intense exploration!

Boss Fight Mechanics: The Basics

Just like in Missions of Darkness, each boss has their own health bar to match yours. However, even though your bars are the same length a boss' health may be significantly different from yours.

You also have access to two very important buttons to complete your battle: Attack and Frenzy.

The Attack button

Attack will spend one Rage point to attack the boss for one hit. The boss will be attacking you for each attack you spend. The potency of their strikes depends on their level and your stats.

The Frenzy button

Frenzy will simultaneously spend 5 rage and 5 energy. Consider this to be a super attack, and one you should plan carefully... because for each time you frenzy, the boss will return with their own. A frenzy can make or break a battle!

Pro tip: It might be wise for a lower level player to avoid using Frenzy. Your Frenzy won't hit as hard as the boss' will! Do some leveling and experiment until you feel confident that using it won't get you obliterated!

Boss Fight Mechanics: Using and Managing Devourables

Because the bosses are difficult, you've been given the best tools at your disposal: Your Devourables (consumables). These are the same as those in your catacombs, delivered to you in a simple section, and meant to be used on the fly.

Depending on you and the boss, you could end up needing to use every one of them to defeat them.

The devourables at your disposal stretch the gamut. Every common Health, Rage, and Energy devourable is usable here, at any moment of the battle. Note that the Dark Essence Combo Orb is inaccessible here. This is due to it being an uncommon devourable type.

To use a devourable during a fight, simply click on the one you want and it will instantly be devoured! Unsure which devourable does what? Hover your cursor over the image to see what it is and what it does!

Example of your Devourables in Boss Fights

Here we see the full range of your devourables from your catacombs. Should you be out of a certain kind of devourable, it will appear blacked out onscreen.

Devourables have been balanced with a new structure. The limit on devourables is now a total of (8), with a max cap of (2) per item type. So while your devourables can natively hold no more than two of each type, purchasing new devourables with IP (or those received from event rewards) can be stacked and exceed that cap without limit.

Note that should you exceed the max cap on any devourable via purchase or event rewards, gifts of that devourable will return a dud.

In the example above, 4 Dark Rage +25 and 5 Dark Rage +50 orbs are present above the 2 item limit from event rewards, where 3 Rage orbs and 4 Human Souls are present above the limit from purchases.

Should you be out of devourables and unable to purchase with IP, you're encouraged to get in touch with clan and have them gift you devourables! When you receive a devourable gift, you'll want to press the "Did You Get Gifts?" button to refresh your devourables inventory!

Pro Tip: Captchas have been turned off on the boss fight page and the normal page expire time has been extended. This buys you the time you need to get in touch with clan to get the devourables you need!

On-The-Fly Devourables Purchases

In the middle of a really tough boss while striving for one of the many Prowling achievements? Or perhaps your goal is just personal satisfaction of boss eradication? We've got you covered! Devourables can be purchased on-the-fly right on the boss page using IP.

Simply press the Buy Health, Buy Rage, or Buy Energy button to change your devourables menu into a Purchase Menu!

Active Purchase Menu Example

Once your purchase menu is active, you simply click on the devourable you want to buy, then confirm the Are You Sure dialog... and you're on your way!

If you change your mind about a devourable purchase, press Back to Inventory and you'll return to Inventory mode.

Note that Dark Essence orbs are not purchasable at this time. They're currently only acquired from gifting, ingame rewards, or event rewards.

Pro Tip 1: You can light up all three purchase menus at the same time to keep instant access to any of the devourables you might need in the heat of battle!

Pro Tip 2: If you head to the Council to buy any normal PVP refill, when you return you'll instantly fail the boss fight! Those bosses have their eye on you. Don't let them win, use your purchase menu!

Pro Tip 3: Organize your time with your clan members. Use Facebook Chat to get together at the same time should any of you require gifts to complete your boss!

Boss Class & Difficulty

No two bosses are created equally, but they each class stays within their difficulty bracket.

Each class of boss has its own base stats along with some extra scaling aspects based on your character's stats. Effectively this means that each class brings a level of difficulty that will feel unique to your character and provide you the necessary challenge to overcome them.

The best way to tell whether or not you can beat a boss is to make note of their Class. Each class is equal to a difficulty rank. Bosses come in (5) classes (levels of difficulty).

The Class & Difficulties scale is always shown at the very bottom of every Boss Fight screen, and the scale is color coded. The colors given to each boss are in tune with common RPG class color systems, to help make identifying boss difficulties as easy as a glance.

The Class & Difficulty scale presented at the bottom or each boss screen

Each boss page displays the boss name below their picture in the class color of their difficulty scale. For instance, the easiest bosses have names that are White/Gray, with medium names being Green, Blue names being hard, and so on.

Adept (Medium) Class Boss Example

Here we see a Sethian Knight. Notice his name is in green? This indicates he's an Adept (Medium) Class boss.

Another way to tell their Class is by looking at the background color of their head preview. This is the head you'll be claiming if you can beat them, and it's always colored to the boss' class difficulty.

Note that some lower-level players may not be able to defeat a even a Fledgling (easy) boss. Don't be discouraged! Just like our Missions of Darkness bosses, you just need to level up and keep allocating those skill points. Eventually you'll get your character to the point where you'll be kicking bats and taking fangs!

In the meantime if you know you're unable to beat a certain boss, or would just rather not spend the time on the fight, do as it says at the bottom of the page:
Press Prowl at any time to skip the battle!

Pro Tip 1: Anytime you initiate a Boss Fight, you'll be removed from the PVP fight list for a full 2 minutes to assist your health. After that two minutes however, you're back on the list, and your health is at the mercy of other Darksiders. You'll want to win that fight as fast as you can!

*Note that you can still be bitten, attacked and hitlisted from your profile page even during that 2 minutes!

Pro Tip 2: Getting killed by a boss will reflect as a fight loss in your player stats. This is the same as fighting a boss from Missions of Darkness!


Looting the Bosses: Boss Rewards

Killed a boss? Excellent! What did you loot from their corpse? Well, it depends!

Defeated Bosses drop rewards based on many factors. The one guaranteed item across all bosses will always be its head, to get you through to those tricky achievements and other cool fusion items. Meanwhile Fledglings, Adepts, and Nobles all have a small chance at dropping Safe Travel Notes to help you get to the next location, as well as common pool rewards (such as those found in single scenarios).

However, anytime you smite a Champion or Legendary you're guaranteed their disgusting head as well as a Note of Safe Travel. Specifically with Legendaries, on top of a trove of killer loot, you may even score yourself a new ultra rare legendary poweror a chance at a rare power only found from fighting legendaries!

The sheer amount of the valuables you'll score from bosses depends on where you encounter them. This is especially true for Multiple scenarios! For example: finding a boss in a single scenario may reward less than that very same boss found deep in a multiple. Of course this depends on the story, but you'll soon find yourself hunting for them in multiples!

It may seem from this read that there's no merit in defeating bosses that drop less than others, but the truth is that those heads you're taking are extremely valuable. All of the achievements from prowling require boss heads, and a good portion of sanctum and other recipes, too! Kill them all on sight... if you can!

Pro Tip 1: Each boss page contains the potential head you're looking to take, but this same area also serves as a boss tracker. It keeps count of how many of that particular boss head you currently have in your catacombs. Keep in mind that number is changed anytime you use a head in fusion!

Pro Tip 2: As well as boss head tracking, the boss pages will also serve you to track when you have the right amount of permissions you've acquired for the next location. Remember that you need (4) separate Travel Notes to fuse full travel permissions. Example: if you have x4 Sakkara Travel Note 1, you'll only see (1) in the permissions tracker. If you have x4 Sakkara Travel Note 1, and x2 Sakkara Travel Note 3 your tracker will say (2), because you have two of the correct notes needed. This is true for every location!


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