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Anytime you click the Prowl button, your adventures throughout Prowling are made up of any of three different instance types: Singles Scenarios, Multiple Scenarios, and Boss Fights. To keep things simple, here we'll be focusing getting you familiar with Single and Multiple Scenarios.

All of the scenarios in each location are generated randomly. So as it is with real life, there's no sure way of telling what type of adventure you'll have next. Your current clan mates might even be included in the story!

Single Scenarios

A Single Scenario describes one short adventure, immediately resulting in a positive or negative outcome. There are 40+ individual Single Scenarios in each location, with each of those forty tailored to that locale... with another 10 shared across all locations.

Positive outcomes reward, negative outcomes penalize.

When you receive a single scenario, you'll be presented with a picture that accompanies the adventure, the story of the adventure itself, and the outcome of your adventure.

To move on to a new scenario, you just press the Prowl button again! Let's take a look at some positive and negative examples.

Positive Outcome Example

This is an example of what you could get on any positive outcome in a single scenario. Keep in mind that the rewards are generated randomly, so even if you land on the same single scenario your rewards may be different!

If your scenario has a negative outcome, you'll get a small penalty. Just like with the positive rewards the penalty is randomly generated, so you may not get the same penalty should you land on the same scenario.

Negative Outcome Example:

In this example your story communicated that your efforts would not go unrewarded, yet you received a penalty. Looks like you didn't do a very good job that time!

With all scenarios being randomly generated, it's good to keep in mind the fact that you may get the same scenarios from time to time.

Multiple Scenarios

Multiple Scenarios are where Prowling really shines! Multiple scenarios are plot-based and all about the stories and your exploration of them. Each one varies in length as well as their number of alternating outcomes. Some are short and sweet while others are sprawling! Depending on where you're prowling, there are 5+ individual Multiple Scenarios in each location, each tailored to that locale.

Multiple scenarios end or extend depending on your choices and the laws of chance. These same factors also dictate rewards or penalties. Finding the the best outcome in a multiple scenario will reward with an excellent loot payout tailored to that ending... but figuring out which one is the best will take some focused exploration of that story! Keep in mind that story length does not always guarantee best rewards.

You can differentiate Multiple Scenarios from singles in a couple of ways. The easiest is to look for the title of the story in the picture. Every Multiple Scenario is titled in the same place on their respective graphic.

Another way is to look for the choice option buttons below the story text.

Multiple Scenario Example

In this example, you can see the story title in the graphic "Spear of Destiny", and the choice buttons are below the story text.

If you want to explore a given multiple, be sure not to press Prowl or you'll skip to a new scenario! You want to go right for those option buttons to get your adventure going. Conversely, if you're tired of exploring that one, you can skip it by pressing Prowl.

Don't worry, making a choice is completely free! Exploring multiples via your choices does not cost a thing.

Making Choices in Multiples

Choices and choice buttons on multiple scenarios are designed to change positions each time you visit. The button positions are random and as such they may appear to have remained in one position on occasion, but what's actually happened is that it's randomly chosen you the same position.

Each time you make a choice in a story, your chosen decision and the laws of fate combine to decide what will happen next! That means some choices may have multiple outcomes. It will take some experimentation to figure out which choice gets you down the path you want to the story's conclusion and/or the rewards you're looking for.

The choices you're offered will come in the form of multiple button options. This is in the event there is an important decision to be made. While multiple choice is usually the case, there are other times where you may only be offered one button choice. This single button options is used only to move the story ahead. As each story is different and usually filled with alternate branches, you're sure to find a variety of choices and story-movers.

Multiple Scenario Endings

The story conclusions in Multiple Scenarios are wide. Any particular story may go on at length on your first visit, or end very briefly on your next. You should know instantly when a multiple has concluded just by reading! However, you'll also be presented with your positive or negative outcome. As with singles, your positive or negative outcomes will also include your rewards or penaltiesdepending on how your adventure concluded.

Scenario Costs

Put simply, anytime you press Prowl, you'll consume (1) free prowl point, or (1) Instinct Point when you're in IP mode. 

A single scenario automatically consumes (1) free prowl point (or Instinct Point in IP mode.

A multiple scenario automatically consumes (1) free prowl point (or Instinct Point in IP Mode). Choosing options within a multiple scenario is done at no cost.

Scenario Rewards

Rewards from scenarios are drawn from two sources. The first is a rewards pool that consist of general items such as IP, Rage and Energy Points, Xp points, Devourables, Collectables, and a slew of powers. Every item that is listed from the rewards pool is randomly selected. Rewards pool items are always found from single scenarios and multiple scenarios.

Collectables, Devourables and Point items will display on the left column of the rewards, where only powers will display on the right column.

It's common that at times you'll have a blank column on one side or the other. Should your left column be blank, you'll see that in that scenario you won all powers. If the right side is blank, you've any variety of Point, Devourable, or Collectable items. Because the rewards from the pool are random, it's also possible to receive rewards in both columns.

Other rewards come from sets that are specifically assigned to multiple scenarios. These specific set rewards are tailored to the ending of any given scenario. The items listed within a set are randomly chosen based on percentages, to keep your rewards fresh after each completion.

Not all multiple scenario rewards are sets, however. This is only true for important story outcomes - making it very worth your while to explore the storie to the best of your ability and reap the cream of the crop in reward items.

Note also that any multiple scenario also comes with pool rewards, so when you reach an excellent outcome and gain a set reward, you'll also be awarded items from the pool!


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