Prowling: Overview


Prowling takes your character across the realms by exploring five exotic locations across the mortal world of Topside! Through quick single scenarios and winding multiple choice experiences, you'll discover loads of loot, rake in tons of XP, find the new Sceptre of Janus relic, fight difficulty-scaled bosses, earn legendary rewards, and gather achievements from your wins.

You'll want to be sure to prowl at least twice a day to reap the maximum rewards!

Prowling Access

Prowling can be accessed on the Home page, via the Smart menu. You can purchase Instinct Points (or earn them while prowling) to seamlessly extend your prowls.

Your Free Prowl Points regenerate to a full (8) points every 6 hours. When your free prowls are fully regenerated, the home page Smart Menu will offer an alert.

After your (8) free prowls are used, your Free Prowls will begin to regenerate. Note that free prowls don't stack, so you'll want to be sure to use all 8 to get the most out of prowling!

While your free prowls are regenerating, your menu button will appear simply with the Prowling eye icon.

You can still access prowling during this time, but any prowls you undertake before your points are through regenerating will use Instinct Points.

Prowling Locations

Prowling spans (5) Human Realm (aka Topside) locations. These include Rome, Sakkara, London, Agra, and New York.

Your adventures will begin in Rome, with Sakkara, London, Agra, and New York being locked.

Unlocking New Locations

Locations are unlocked linearly by collecting (4) Safe Travel Notes for the succeeding location. For example, while Prowling in Rome you'll collect Sakkara Travel Notes 1, 2, 3, and 4 to fuse together Sakkara Travel Permissions. Once fused Sakkara is yours to dine!


Sakkara Safe Travel Notes - Collect All 4!

Sakkara Travel Permissions - Opens Sakkara

Free Prowls & Instinct Points 1

Each prowl costs (1) Free Prowl point. Once your Free Prowl points are completely consumed a seamless transfer to Instinct Points takes place. Using Instinct Points gives you the option to keep prowling passed your initial 8 Free Prowls.

You can tell when you're spending Free Prowls and when you're using Instinct Points by the Prowl Button.

The Free Prowl button is brown

Instinct Point Button is purple with the IP Icon

After your round of Free Prowls is out you'll be seamlessly transferred to IP mode. In IP mode, each prowl costs (1) Instinct Point. You can choose not to use Instinct Point prowls by exiting prowling and returning to the main game.

If you run out of Free Prowls and Instinct Points, you'll have to wait for your Free Prowls to regen, or get some IP!

Free Prowls & Instinct Points 2

You can see your current cache of Free Prowls and Instinct Points near the top right of the screen on the Prowling page.


Here you can see there's 8 Free Prowls ready, and there's 31 IP available

When you're out of free prowls, a timer will instantly begin to count off your 12 hours until next regeneration.


Here you can see the timer has begun to count down to point regeneration

It's during this time that you're instantly transferred to IP mode and begin to use instinct points to continue your prowls!

Purchasing Instinct Points

You can purchase Instinct Points several ways, but the most convenient is to do so right from within prowling.

to the right of your Free Prowls counter is a line of text that says "buy IP". Just click it and you'll get all of your purchasing options right there!


A sample of what the IP purchase module looks like

It's simple and convenient. Provided you have the IP to do it, one could Prowl endlessly!


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    Katrina van den Bergh

    Scam..136 IP to show for the time wasted - every story trip ...on the rare occassion they dropped ended the same "You're Dead". Collected a lot of junk abilities and the same heads over and over. No Achievements, Sanctums, No prowling powers....136 plays didn't yield 1 single play at gaining a Legendary power or anything that would progress my game. A total waste of time and money. Great business model - pay and receive nothing. Good luck with this strategy / scam as this customer just walked to pogo where at least u get what you pay for without the frustration of feeling scammed!

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