Prowling: Reporting an Issue

How to Report a Prowling Issue to the CSD

Should you encounter an issue during prowling, following these steps are vital to our being able to help you!

If you notice an error:
1) Stop. Do not press Prowl again until you've completed the following:

2) Using your cursor, highlight the end of the story text. It should reveal a number at the end. This is a scenario tracking number - we require that you include this in your ticket.

This is an example of a scenario tracking number highlighted. It's always at the back of any story text, even on a boss fight!
3) If you can see the issue on your screen, also take a screen shot of your issue to attach to your ticket.

4) Log into the Community Support Desk and submit a new ticket request.

While submitting your ticket, please be sure to include:

Your VDS Dark Mark
Your ingame Vampire Name, as it appears in VDS.
Scenario Tracking Number (see 1 above)
Screen shot (if applicable)
A description of your technical issue
       > Your descriptions should include:
          * The name of the location you were Prowling in when you experienced the issue
          * The exact details of your issue
          * Whether you've encountered this issue before

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