Prowling Launches July 16th, 2016!

There's been much anticipation of Prowling's launch, and the time is nearly here. On July 16, 2016, the first segment of Prowling will open to the Darkside!

We're holding a special 48hr Countdown to Prowling Event, which is featuring fun contests (with IP prizes!), answering questions, and getting everyone familiar with the feature via our documentation right here on the CSD. If you're not in our event, you're missing out!

In the meantime, please drop by these important areas of the CSD and peruse all of the Prowling articles at your disposal.

CSD Knowledge base links for Prowling:
Full Section - Prowling
Article - Prowling: Overview
Article - Prowling: Getting Started
Article - Prowling: Scenarios
Article - Prowling: Bosses
Article - Prowling: Legendary Powers
Article - Prowling: Reporting an Issue

CSD Patch Notes
Prowling Beta Patch Notes

CSD Live Updates and Road Map
Live Updates
VDS Project Roadmap

Prowling Countdown Event Room:
Facebook - Prowling Countdown Event

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