Prowling Update | Mar 24 2016

Hello Darksiders!

Last December we brought you an overview of the process of Prowling. Today we're here with another behind-the-scenes action update!

Up to now, all five Topside locations (Rome, Sakkara, London, Agra, New York) have been written, proofed, and edited. The Prowling rewards system has been created and the rewards themselves are assigned.

Legendary powers have been created, as well as a new section for your powers area for them to display. We've also completed a new system of fusion-based achievements, to take your time Prowling up a notch.

While we still have to finalize our Boss difficulty scaling and some minor design fixes, we're also simultaneously in the midst of final content creation: the art. Our creative guru has been working like a madman to complete an image for every scenario. To now there exists 400+ scenario images completed... which puts us a little under the halfway mark for total art completion.

Basically that means we're in the final stretch! Once we're good on our end, we'll send out announcements about our Community Day event, where we'll get a chance to talk with you about Prowling, have some cool contests, and announce the official release date.

As a reminder, we'll be launching Prowling with Topside only, bringing the Darkside locations to you after you've spent some time enjoying the new goodness of this killer feature!

Thanks to everyone in the community, and we're looking forward to Prowling with you soon.
-The VDS Dev Team

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    Pauline de Rooij

    Can't wait... V^^^V

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    Neither can we! ^V^

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