Facebook Settings Affect Gifting | June 25 2015

There are new settings from Facebook that are affecting the ability to be seen or see friends on your friend list. This directly affects the gifting feature in VDS. Please check your setting and make sure that you have them set correctly.

Go to your apps on Facebook and click the wheel next to VDS
Be sure you have "Friend List" checked.  To do this, we've provided instruction on how to get there and double check this.

1. Go to your apps:

2. Click the "Wheel" to EDIT settings:


3. Be sure that you have "Friend list" checked.

If this resolves your issue and your friends are having trouble, please let your friends know about this. :)

Thank you.

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Vampires The Darkside

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    Ingrid alexandra Campbell

    My grandchilde is having major issues with her account. My sire has shown her this and with any luck this will help - thank you :)

  • Avatar
    Tammy Marie Rich

    Thank you soo much ...

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