Gameplay: Gaming Hardware

A cheat-free/exploit-free environment in Vampires: The Darkside is extremely important to the development team. There are a wide variety of security features in place, some of which include protection against automated playing via current gaming mice and keyboards.

Gaming Mice & Keyboard Functionality
Many mice and keyboards on the current market are geared towards helping to improve local and online gaming by supplying functionality that isn't typically offered on standard mice and keyboards.

Typically these features include shortcuts and/or macro ability. These extra functions of gaming device hardware make local and online gaming more convenient for many games, to relieve the stress of repetitive actions.

Shortcuts included on these devices are usually those which call up commands that are offered by all standard keyboards via a combination of pressed keys, combined to one button. Occasionally these shortcuts can be customized by the user.

Macro functionality allows the user to record and playback any instance of a set of their physical actions performed with a keyboard, mouse, or combination of both. All of these actions are customizable by the user and must be programmed by the user.

How They Affect VDS Gameplay
While there is no way prevent a user from enabling a macro recording using these devices, it has been determined that with our current security tools there is no distinct advantage whatsoever between persons using these devices and persons not using these devices.

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