About Updates

Vampires: the Darkside is delivered to you via the Internet from web servers, relying on powerful back-end databases to deliver your game. The following is intended to help you understand our updates and how the process works.

Testing New Changes
Every code change, regardless of scope, is thoroughly tested by development and a volunteer testing team made up from responsible members of the community. Many of our volunteer testers have some form of experience in programming or web mechanics, while all have an excellent understanding of VDS game mechanics, making them ideal candidates.

Testing takes place in a closed beta environment that simulates the live game. Testing requirements and time periods vary greatly depending on the project. Once testing is complete the changes are ready to move to our live environment.

Offline Live Updates
Generally, when any update requires significant code changes we will restrict your access to the game. This is commonly referred to as taking the game down, as it appears to no longer be online.

Your access to the game is restricted during a Live Update to prevent conflicts or errors in your play-data as we update our database with the new information.

Behind the Scenes of the Live Update
Our programming department implements the new changes, and access to the game becomes restricted to development-only. A complete list of the updates undergo final checks by development to ensure that there were no errors in the information transfer and that the game is functioning properly.

Provided the checks are positive, public access to game is granted and play resumes.

Online Live Updates
Occasionally there are minor updates that can be added to the live game without restricting your access. This is commonly referred to as a Patch or Hotfix. Hotfixes are typically applied to items that don't interfere with player accounts, such as graphic changes, spelling corrections, and other minor code enhancements.

As has become common in the digital age, changelogs are now provided to you to so that the information is available and easy to access. These are listed at the Community Support Desk under the KNOW category. You're welcome to visit our Live Updates article any time to see what's new!


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