Ticket Requests: Preformatted Replies

Your Community Support Desk Agents are trained volunteers who are assisting you in your ticket requests. With the high volume of tickets they resolve daily, using preformatted replies significantly helps reduce extended response times.

All preformatted texts were created from past resolution on common, high-frequency tickets. More than 90% of these tickets are resolved with preformatted text.

Generally preformatted text is also included with a personal response from Support Agents. This aids our agents in response time while still delivering to you the necessary, relative information to your ticket request.

We appreciate that a personal response is always preferred, but we hope you'll understand that on occasion our small amount of staff is either inundated with tickets, or has ascertained that the preformatted text will solve your ticket issue quickly.

It is not the intention of a Support Desk agent to be vague. Know that they are indeed attempting to solve your issue when responding this way. If you feel the preformatted text hasn't solved your issue, please simply follow up by explaining how the text isn't helping, and an agent will respond personally.

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