Sire Emancipation

How Emancipation Works
When you emancipate from your sire the following will happen:

• You will automatically be given over to a member of the Trinity. All ties to your original Sire are broken.

• You will be able to opt-in for adoption provided you meet the requirement criteria. 

Sire Emancipation Requirements

1.  You must not be Clan with your Sire.

2.  You must have the correct amount of Favor Points available.

If you are eligible to emancipate from your Sire, the emancipation option will appear in the council.  This button will be found in Council > Personalize.


Important Additional:
• As an feature-abuse preventative, the price of Sire Emancipation will increase by increments of 50FP each time it is used. This will cap at 500FP.

• As an feature-abuse preventative, if you have been Adopted or Fostered in the last 90 days you will have to wait until the full 90 day period is over to be able to become eligible for emancipation. This wait period remains active regardless of when you emancipate from your sire

• Once you Emancipate, the option will disappear from the Council. This is because you're now Sired to a Trinity member. You cannot emancipate from the Trinity. However you may opt-in for Adoption/Fostering immediately, provided you're eligible.


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  • Avatar
    Jennifer Brown

    HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you :D :D :D

  • Avatar

    We're happy you're happy, Jennifer! We'll pass along your excitement to the developers. :)

  • Avatar

    Never had a problem with my Sires. The only one I wanted released from was an idiot and he released me. You need to be very careful who you let Sire you. I'm happy with mine!

  • Avatar
    Lady Yunaleska

    VDS THANK YOU! I am finally free !

  • Avatar
    Henry Mateo

    I just bought 100 f/p only to find out I have to wait still to be released from a sire who abandoned would think paying for emancipation would be easier on the childe if the sire refuses to release when a verble contract has been agreed upon.
    yet my sire has me hostage and I paid to find freedom yet still reman a slave to her and the game. no wonder so many just give up and quit. I think you should have better ways to help all players not just the sires who choose to adopt but who are not qualified to teach.
    If someone could let me know how to rectify this situation I would gladly appreciate it.
    Henry Mateo "DarkSoulTaker"

  • Avatar

    Hi, Henry. There's only two items that are required to emancipate, both are listed in the article above. You must de-clan your Sire, and you must not be in a 90 day period from Adoption of Fostering.

    If you feel you meet these requirements and are still having issues with emancipation, please open a
    New Ticket Request to reach a Support Agent who can assist you.

  • Avatar
    Mike Holden

    I can't find that button anywhere, so where is it? Or has it been removed already?

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