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Sire Emancipation



  • Jennifer Brown

    HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you :D :D :D

  • Joeb

    We're happy you're happy, Jennifer! We'll pass along your excitement to the developers. :)

  • Warkitten1307

    Never had a problem with my Sires. The only one I wanted released from was an idiot and he released me. You need to be very careful who you let Sire you. I'm happy with mine!

  • Lady Yunaleska

    VDS THANK YOU! I am finally free !

  • Henry Mateo

    I just bought 100 f/p only to find out I have to wait still to be released from a sire who abandoned would think paying for emancipation would be easier on the childe if the sire refuses to release when a verble contract has been agreed upon.
    yet my sire has me hostage and I paid to find freedom yet still reman a slave to her and the game. no wonder so many just give up and quit. I think you should have better ways to help all players not just the sires who choose to adopt but who are not qualified to teach.
    If someone could let me know how to rectify this situation I would gladly appreciate it.
    Henry Mateo "DarkSoulTaker"

  • Joeb

    Hi, Henry. There's only two items that are required to emancipate, both are listed in the article above. You must de-clan your Sire, and you must not be in a 90 day period from Adoption of Fostering.

    If you feel you meet these requirements and are still having issues with emancipation, please open a
    New Ticket Request to reach a Support Agent who can assist you.

  • Mike Holden

    I can't find that button anywhere, so where is it? Or has it been removed already?

  • Desiree Darke

    How many favour points are required the first time you ask for Sire Emancipation?

    CAn you declan your Sire even if he disagrees?

    What does it mean by give over to a member of the Trinity?  Is that another live VSA layer or Sire? Can you be sired while owned by the Trinity? Please explain. 

  • Joeb

    Hi, Desiree. Thanks for your questions! I'll answer them in order for you.

    How many favour points are required the first time you ask for Sire Emancipation?
    100FP is required, as depicted in the sample image above.

    Can you de-clan your Sire even if he disagrees?
    Yes, and this is actually the first requirement of emancipating. As a note, you can de-clan anyone in game without their approval. If you meant can you emancipate without your Sire agreeing, again the answer is yes, and is the reason for this system.

    What does it mean by give over to a member of the Trinity?
    Siring is a unique and fundamental system in VDS. It illustrates every vampire's lineage. Thus every Darkside vampire is (and must be) Sired by someone. As example, those who entire the Darkside for the first time without an invitation are new players without live-player Sires. They are "given" to the Trinity, who are NPC [Non-player chanracters] that represent the creators of all vampire. This is the same practice used in emancipation. Since there are no live players to be "given" to as a Sire, and you're required by the system to have a Sire, you're transferred to being sired by one of the Trinity.

    Can you be sired while owned by the Trinity?
    You cannot emancipate from the Trinity. However you may opt-in for Adoption/Fostering immediately, provided you're eligible. To understand more about Adoption and Fostering, please drop by our knowledge base section here at the CSD: Adoption & Fostering


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