Information Feed & Screams

Your Information Feed is located on your Home page. Any interaction between you and other players is organized and displayed to you here in four different tabs. 

- Details combat encounters
Informs you of all incoming Attacks, Bounty messages, and Bites.

Assists - Details assist encounters*
Informs you of Trinity assists, and Trinity assist requests. Clan assists, Clan requested assists, and assist collections.

*The Assists tab also will display other rarely seen information, such as Gifting notifications.

Events - Details special event encounters*
Informs you of new Comments to you, shared Relics, Black Blood Exchanges, and Adoption and Fostering notices.

*The Events tab also will display more rarely seen information, such as successful Favor Point purchases, gifting Favor Points, Refunds, Trinity vial fills, and new Childe.

Screams - Details Clan communications
Informs you of all Screams sent and received by you and your Clan. New Screams and Scream replies can be made from here. Screams cost red blood and this amounts grows as you do. You must have the red blood amount on hand, as it does not pull from your bank.

Note that your Screams are not publicly visible. They are visible only to the entirety of your Clan. If someone in your Clan Screams to someone who you are not clanned with, you will only see the conversation of your clan-mate.

If you are seeing inappropriate or offensive content in your Screams, we strongly encourage you to block the player using the green Block link in the Screams tab, located under the player's name. We provide these tools to you explicitly for this reason.


There are three other buttons associated with the Information Feed. These are conveniently located just below each tab.

*View Block List - Brings you to the Unblock & Reconnect Page
Note that this is a smart button on the page which will change to Compose when the Screams tab is selected.

If you have accidentally blocked a player, please use the View Block List button under the Combat, Assists, or Events tab. Because blocking in VDS is an automatic 2-way block, the player you blocked will also need to unblock you in order for conversations to resume.

*Refresh Feed - Refreshes the content within any selected tab
This button is always available on any selected tab. Press this button to see the most recent information of your choosing.

*Compose - Opens the text input window to send a Scream
Note that this is a smart button on the page, which will change to View Block List when the Combat, Assists, or Events tab is selected.

Example of Compose text input window:


Sending Screams

Screams sent from the Information Feed go only to those in your clan. Each Scream has an associated red blood cost, which will increase as your level grows.

Scream Costs
Red Blood [RB] is spent for each Scream message you send. The amount of RB spent per Scream is determined by your level.

level 1 - 11 10,000 RB
level 12 - 69 50,000 RB
level 70 - 90 100,000 RB
level 91+ 250,000 RB 

How to Send a Scream
Navigate to your Home page. Choose the Screams tab. Select Compose Message. Use the text input window to type your message, then press Send to Clan.

How to Reply to a Scream
Navigate to your Home page. Select the Scream tab. (optional: Press the Refresh Feed button to get the latest information in your feed) If you see a Scream you'd like to reply to, press the green REPLY text below your clan-mate's name.

This will bring up the compose window, where you'll see green text in the upper left corner of your input box which will confirm who you're replying to. Type your message, then press Send to Clan.

Full Commenting Support
The Scream's Compose text input window supports the full range of comment abilities as normal Profile comments. This includes emoticons, text colors, and text background-colors.

Use the formatting tools available in the window, or refer to our knowledge base for our full emoticon legend.


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