About the Roadmap

What the Roadmap Is
The VDS Project Roadmap displays the intended future plans of Vampires: The Darkside, by the VDS development team in a shareable, public article. The roadmap is under the care of the developers and is only edited directly by them.

The items listed include the name of an intended item, the development stage of each item, as well as the its current status. This means that the roadmap is constantly undergoing updates, revisions, re-ordering, and in some cases the possibility of deletions.


Why the Roadmap was Created
The VDS Project Roadmap was created in an effort to bring improved transparency between the Darkside development team and the Darkside community on feature development.


How the Roadmap Works
•  After the Darkside development team gathers to decide on the direction of features and enhancements for the future of the game, the final decisions are injected into the Roadmap in the intended workflow order.

All revisions to order, stage, and status are subject to change depending on their workflow and any new priorities that may arise. All completed projects are included in the Updates section, in real-time as they are released.

•  The roadmap is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all of the development team's work. In fact many items of development are not included on the Roadmap.

Generally, excluded items will consist of any development work that does not directly effect gameplay, such as maintenance, security enhancements, improved programming languages, server and DBA improvements, or anything along these lines that is considered "back-end" changes.

Though some of these items are listed in the Updates section as an explanation to interrupting your gameplay.


When to Check the Roadmap
While the Roadmap shouldn't change too frequently, the development team does meet bi-monthly to discuss VDS project-management and timeline projections. The exception to this is when a feature is being created, at which point the development team meets daily.

It would be safe to assume checking the Roadmap at the beginning and end of each month should keep you adequately informed, but the best policy for anyone in the community to stay in the know is simply to check the Roadmap frequently.


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