Necromagical Fusion

Necromagical Fusion Defined
Fusion is a fun way to craft items and powers into new things. By joining together a combination of specific in-game items you can attain even stronger powers, new items, sanctums, slaves, and much more to come in the future!


Fusing Location
Fusion can only be completed in the Catacombs > Passage 4.
This area is called The Cave of Runic Alterations.


Other Important Locations
While all Fusion takes place in Passage 4, it is also tied to other places within the Darkside. Knowing these locations will be instrumental in helping you fuse new items.

• Powers
Your entire cache and total numbers of powers on the Darkside.

• Catacombs > Passage 3: Mystical Mausoleum
Displays all of your current ingredients and total numbers for fusing.

• Catacombs > Passage 3: Necromantic Reliquary
Displays every new fusible item you've created regardless of the item type


Fusion Page Elements
The Fusion page consists of a few important elements.

• Filter

Using this drop-down you can filter your Fusion items by type. The type is the type is considered the by end-result item, or more simply, the item you wish to attain.

For example, if you want to fuse a new power, simply select Filter by Power in the drop-down and you'll see the entire list of powers available to you to fuse.

Note that some selected filters return a page with no items. These are pages which will contain items that are yet to be offered. Stay tuned, as they eventually will hold new content!

Definitions of Filter types:
· Filter by Items = Display only items.

· Filter by Powers = Display only Fusion powers

· Filter by Powers (Bloodline Rares) = Display Bloodline specific rare powers

· Filter by Powers (Bloodline Sets) = Display escalating Bloodline themed sets

· Filter by Powers (Events) = Display recipes which include event powers

· Filter by Powers (Hidden) = Display secret recipes

· Filter by Consumables = Display consumables (aka Devourables)

· Filter by Slaves = Display slaves

· Filter by Sanctums = Display sanctums [coming soon]

· Filter by Ingredients = Display Rituals of Damnation ingredients [coming soon]

Explanation of Filter Content:
· Filter by Items
Items do not have stats, and are solely meant for recipes.

· Filter by Powers
Powers have stats and upkeeps attached to them and can be used in combat.

· Filter by Powers (Bloodline Rares)
Rare Powers have stats and upkeeps attached to them and can be used in combat.

· Filter by Powers (Bloodline Sets)
Escalating Rare Powers sets have stats and upkeeps attached to them and can be used in combat.

· Filter by Powers (Events)
Event-only Rare Powers have stats and upkeeps attached to them and can be used in combat.

· Filter by Powers (Hidden)
Secret Recipes can be a variety of results, from Items to Powers.

· Filter by Consumables
Consumables (aka Devourables) are single-use items that replenish Health, Energy, and Rage.

· Filter by Slaves
Slaves are used to build your red-blood finances in game.

· Filter by Sanctums [coming soon]
Sanctums are a way to personalize your game.

· Filter by Ingredients [coming soon]
Ingredients will be used in a future feature, Rituals of Damnation.

• Fusion Area
The fusion area is where all of your fusion work will take place. Each (filtered) page will display all items that are potentially fusible. This means in every filter area you'll see results of items that you have the ingredients to, as well as those that you don't.

Each element on the fusion page is listed alphabetically by the result that you want to attain. The page and alphabetizing is divided into two columns to help you find that any given item as quickly as possible.


How to Fuse: The Basics

When to Fuse
Fusion is easy! At it's most basic, if the FUSE! button is lit, you can make that item. If it's darkened, you don't have enough ingredients.

FUSE! button lit = Fuse it!

FUSE! button dark = not enough ingredients

Checking Ingredients
Verifying which ingredients you need is also a snap. Just click the green Show Recipe text below the item you want to fuse.

This will toggle open the ingredients necessary to fuse that item, and the text will change to Hide Recipe. You can toggle between Show and Hide as often as you want.

In the example above, the first set of numbers (white) is how many of that ingredient that you currently have. The second set of numbers (green) shows how many of that ingredient are required to create the result item.

You'll notice on any item that has a dark FUSE! button, that the Show Recipe ingredients will also indicate when you're missing certain ingredients.

Missing ingredients will display with red borders, and while the text is all red, the numbers on left and right still mean the same as explained above. In this example, you can see how the first ingredient is missing from the player's inventory (shown as 0), while the result requires 1 to fuse.

But how do you know what that first ingredient is? While in your Catacombs, hover your mouse over it and you'll see the name pop up near your cursor.

This is called a tool-tip, and this works on all ingredients except Secret Recipes.

Attaining Missing Ingredients
Missing ingredients can be attained numerous ways. Some are only attained through normal gameplay aspects, such as fighting. Others require (or have the option of) more fusion to create the item, while others such as powers are simply purchased.

To fuse more ingredients, simply filter your Fusion Area to the correct type, look for the ingredient you need, and fuse it! Note that you may have to do more fusion in order to create that item.

As an added bonus, all red-blood Powers can be purchased right from the fusion page with a single click. Of course you'll need to be sure you've got enough red-blood on hand, or you'll need to visit the Bank.

Single click purchases are completed in the same way as checking for an ingredient name. In the Show Recipes of any given result, hover over the red-blood power you're short on and you'll see the cursor change from an arrow to a pointer-hand. This indicates you can click and purchase right there.

Note that this will purchase every power required for that recipe. Here's an example of a successful one-click purchase from the fusion page, for a different recipe. This recipe required 300 Cloak of Shadow powers.

With one click and the right amount of red-blood out, you can purchase the entire requirement amount.

Items Owned Amount
As in the above example, a tool-tip is also used to display your total items owned. Simply hover over the image of any end-result you want to check on, and you'll see how many of you own.

Multiple Fusions
After your initial fuse of any item or power, Fusing it again can be done simply by pressing the Do Again button in the successfully fused dialog.


How to Fuse: Advanced

Creation Limit
Some items, especially powers, have a set limit that can be created from fusion. Once a creation limit is reached, you can no longer make that item.

The creation limit is listed with the number of items you've currently made on the left side, with the max number you can make on the right.

When the limit is 0, you haven't made any of that item. When it is 1, you've made 1, and so on.

Note that items that have reached their creation limit are removed from your fusion area removed from your fusion area upon your next age increment. They will no longer be visible of accessible.

Years Between
Some items have a gap-time between when you can create another of the same item. This time is counted by your character's age increment. Thus on the day that you make the item, you must wait that many days (vampire years) before you can make it again. Note that you must log in to age, so if you miss a day's log in, you have added an extra day to your Years Between.

As with the Creation Limit, the Years Between also tells you how many years between you've achieved with the numbers on the left, while the numbers on the right indicate the full years between time.

Note that if you've never fused a particular item before, the years between will be a single number.

However after you've fused that item, the numbers will change to reflect your Years Between countdown, and will appear in red text. Each day you log in, this number will change to inform you of your remaining time.

If your Years Between is red, you will not have a lit FUSE! button regardless of whether you have the correct ingredient amounts.

Ingredient Loss
If you fuse a consumable but already have the max (4) of that type of consumable in your catacombs, you will lose the ingredients and not receive that consumable. Be sure to keep an eye on your consumables before fusing.

Secret Recipes
Some Fusible recipes have ingredients only marked with question marks.

Each ingredient in these recipes can be discovered once you've reached the number required for that ingredient. In the first secret ingredient pictured above, once you reach 300 of that ingredient, the picture of that ingredient will be revealed. It's up to you to keep track of secret recipes!

Note that when you fuse a secret recipe, once your ingredient numbers fall below the requirement they will revert back to question marks. Also note that unlike other recipes, the secret recipes do not offer a tool-tip.

Important Note From the Developers
The Necromagical Fusion area was originally created solely to facilitate an unreleased (still in progress) feature called Rituals of Damnation. However the Darkside's love for crafting has helped us grow this section beyond its original vision.

Because of this the Fusion area has undergone many revisions since it first debuted. Note that the Darkside may again revise this gameplay aspect to enhance it further in the future. This article and the information within it will be updated as needed.

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    am I missing where to see how many of the items I have already made/stockpiled?

  • Avatar

    We listed Other Important Places to denote which areas contain those totals. We'll update the article to better reflect this.

    Currently there's no specific total number of end-result items on the fusing page. We recommend opening the page location you need in a new tab to check totals.

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    Nat Gans

    This is Easier?????

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    Thank you..... so I know I can find the powers in their designated disciplines...... will have to see if I can find just the items somewhere..... thanks again!

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    You're welcome! Items and their totals can be found in: Catacombs > Passage 3: Mystical Mausoleum.

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    Goethe Tussand

    Nice job, this will make the whole process much easier for the new vamps just learning about fusing!

    It would be awesome to be able to make blocks of abs/parts with one click, or at a minimum if there was a "do again" button like we had before.

    Also, for the older vamps, it would be cool to be able to hide or minimize the spells we no longer need. As an example, the bloodline specific fuses no longer play for me, so I do not need to have all 3 of each variation on the page... it just clutters everything up! Yeah, OCD, I know >_<

  • Avatar
    Belicia D.

    Hello Goethe,
    Keep an eye for possible updates to the vamporium. :)

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    Goethe Tussand

    Nicely done!! Ty!!

  • Avatar
    Belicia D.

    You are very welcome! We are glad you like it!! :)

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    For those of us that have been creating for awhile, this is fabulous!!!!! TY so much VDS creator's for always looking to improve! I am concerned, however, that baby vamps will find this format very confusing. Since fb changed their "sizing" of posts, most have "shrunk" so that it is not so very large... trying to view this is tough under those circumstances.

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    I am finding that I am unable to click on a red blood power and purchase it even when I have enough blood to do so. Also, how do I know how many of a power that I have? for example, Sense Vampire

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    Belicia D.

    Hello Mphill59,

    If you are attempting to purchase a red blood power by clicking on it in a hidden does not work in the hidden recipes. Just as the hover does not work in those. If you are attempting to purchase red blood powers for other recipes, make sure your blood is out of the bank and not in the bank.

    If you hover over the picture of the recipe outcome (ie, Sense Vampire, OmniForm, etc) it will tell you how many you own.

    Thank you.

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    I am making omnidrain and had everything except all the sense vampire and muroni blood and when I came back to see how many sense vampires I needed. I was missing all the absorption assets needed (Amplified, elevated and enhanced) to make it. How can they be there one minute leave and make sense vampires and they are gone? Where is ungodly absorption?

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    My sense vampires were at 115 and after making 20 it is now at 34. I keep getting my assets raided all the time and I am tired of it. How is this happening?

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    Belicia D.

    Hello Maureen,

    Please submit your issues in a ticket to the zendesk as that is the only way your particular issue can be taken care of.

    Thank you.

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