List of Black Blood Acquisition

Daily Opportunities to Acquire Black Blood
The Darkside offers a huge variety of ways to earn Black Blood. The following is a list of every opportunity to acquire it.


Trinity Missions
• Missions are available at the moment of alignment, and reward you with various amoutns of BB.

Black Blood Assists Received
• 10 assists available every 12 hours - (888 BB avg, per assist)

Black Blood Assists Given
• 501 assists available every 12 hours - (205 BB avg, per assist, during shared alignment)

Shout out collections from TT and/or FB feed
• x10, 5pt Rage
• x10, 10pt Energy

• x5 Gifts per day
• x3 Steals per day

• Full Rage or Energy refill up to double your max (stackable)

• Black Blood is a reward via choice or in a mystery pack, ranging from 25,000 to 1 million at various intervals.

Spending Rage - Fighting
• Fighting players with opposing Trinity alignments
• Fighting the Trinity

Spending Energy - Missions of Darkness
• Book and volume rewards

Spending Rage and Energy - Levling Up
• Leveling up refills your Rage and Energy

Spending Rage and Energy - Consumables
• Dropped via Trinity when filling vials
• Awarded from focusing
• Event participation gifts

Spending Rage or Energy - Favor Points
• FP Gifting (available during most events)
• Free Offer Wall offers to Earn FP - always available (located on the Council page)
• FP Giveaways on our Fan Page

• Rewards are always plentiful - from FP, Orbs and now stackable +1BB mods


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