Facebook Posts: Loud & Proud

What are Loud & Prouds?
Unless otherwise titled, Loud & Prouds are player-provided quotes found on the VDS Home page. They randomly change to a different quote each time you visit the Home page.

As an added bonus, any Loud & Proud can be posted to your Facebook Timeline/Newsfeed for fun!


How to Post a Loud & Proud to your Timeline/Newsfeed
Loud & Proud quotes are found just above the News and Updates button, and are preceded by a small picture of a phonograph.


Simply click the Phonograph to publish the displayed quote to your Facebook Timeline! To be sure that your post makes it to your newsfeed, make sure you type a comment in the provided comment box.


How to Get Your personal Loud & Proud Quote in the Game
Click here to Submit your quote for consideration.

Uncredited quotes won't make it in! So be sure to leave your real or vamp name after your quote so we know who to credit.

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