Additional Event Details


  •  Occasionally a secondary banner will appear on the Home page along with the Announcement/Team Home banner. This Banner is located below your Home Feed, and often is used to display important other announcements, such as the unveiling of new Power Sanctums.

  • Generally speaking, there is nothing special one has to do to participate in an event. As Events span the entire Darkside, you must simply enter (or already be in) the game between the specified times to be considered "in the event".

    While it's true that during a Bash style Event there is a button to click to denote your team, it is actually your entering the game that determines your presence and team. That means if you never click the banner to see which team you're on, you're still in the event and are still already allocated to a team.

  • Participation is always optional. Anyone may choose not to participate in an Event at any time, however because your presence in the game dictates your being "in the event", the only way to opt out is to not play or participate in any actions in VDS through the Duration of the event times and dates.

  • Event Score Boards are different from the normal Legends Board. Event Score Boards are only located as a Smart Button on your Home Page
  • The Event Scoreboard and the Bloodwars Scoreboard ("Warboard") appear in place of the current "War Results" button on the Home Page.

  • The Bloodwars Event Board ("Warboard") button will appear in place of the Event Scoreboard during that event.

  • The "War Results" are the percentage tallies from all the categories from the previous Bloodwar. As Bloodline superiority is vastly important to the denizens of the Darkside, we leave this results window avilable to all in honor of the winning Bloodline and all participants.

    May long live the Legend of the Winners!


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