Types of Events

There are three general types of events. Each is governed by a certain predetermined play-style and and each with their own rules. Any of these three types will have different themes, and each theme delivers a new story that includes you in the ever-broadening story of our Darkside.


A Team Based Event

The Bloodwars were one of the very first events held on the Darkside, and now is our most player-revered event.

In a Bloodwar, the entire Darkside is separated into separate teams based on their Bloodline. Teams can vary per event, between 2 bloodlines together vs the other two bloodlines, or all four bloodlines vs one another.

Each team fights one another under varying rule-sets to see who is the strongest. Often a scoring system is implemented to track each bloodline's combat progresses over the duration of the event, and at the finale, a sole team stands as winner.

Bloodwars are all about the combat, making it the Darkside's most ferocious and hardcore event. But the end justifies the means for the winner of this event can wail proudly that their Bloodline is the strongest!


 A Team Based Event

The Bash takes it's name from the origins of it's formula: VDS's 2nd Birthday Bash Event.

Again the entire Darkside is split into separate teams to compete against one another. However, the number of teams often varies, and there is emphasis on category scoring. Generally, the categories are: Team Score, Blood Accumulation, and Item/Power collection.

A Bash also offers some extra incentives to extend your time playing with packs that instantly refresh some of your energy and rage.


 A Solo Player Event

A Deadfall is a special event that emphasizes collection from normal gameplay, by supplying various amounts of new and rare power or item drops.

Deadfalls are also an integral part of the Darkside's story, as they are sanctioned by the Council, who calls upon you to perform your duty for the sake of all vampire. As with all events, there are various other gampeplay modifications that take place through the duration.


Even in team based events, the option play the event on their own is present. However, a lot of the fun of Live Events is joining up with friends or joining a group to strategize your team's win based on the published rules.

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