Darkside Geography: The South

The following will cover the Northern continents of the Darkside. Listed are some of the most famous regions, towns, locations, and structures. Many locations may be added in the future!

Text Key Legend
• = Continent
* = Greater Region
** = Minor Region
~ = City/Town
+= disconnected lands
— = Important Structure
(#) = Continent size order by area (1=Largest )
{} = Prominent Body of Water
?— = Unexplored
!— = Forbidden

The South


Continent: Southern Borders
The Southern Borders is the only other continent to rival Maiden's Casket in size. While this is true, the terrain is mainly of stone and mountain formations. While not entirely uninhabitable, it's distance from the main communities in the North, and the Trading routes of the West make for comparatively lower population levels. Inevitably this is a favorable occurrence, as the Southern Borders are also where the Human realm collides with our own. While the gateway itself is nearly impregnable, many prefer distance from what it signifies.

Herein also resides the largest and most important of our Darkside Militia. Led by Unitary Commissioner Gen. Miles Eiron, appointed general by Caine himself, the main militia was created to protect our world from intrusion via the great barrier. During the Siege of Slayers battle (Dec. 2012), it was Eiron and his militia (with support from all the lands) who held back the Knights of Seth invasion—ultimately leading us to victory.

Eiron's Militia was challenged again by the denizens of the Barren Soils (Feb. 2014) in a confrontation that became known as GroundWars: Opposition. The battle was so intense in some places that the very ground of the Darkside trembled and shuddered beneath them, complicating attacks on both sides. The West aided Eiron and all who fought for him in the South... and though the East had support from the North, it was not enough. Eventually The East was overwhelmed by Eiron's tactical brilliance and the South took their victory. From this day forth, Gen. Eiron has banned all vampire who come from the Barren Soils from joining the ranks of his Darkside Militia.

    *Crim: (Home to Gen. Miles Eiron)

    **Cimmerian Ridge (border between the Darkside and Human realm)

    —Fury of the Nosferato (Monument)

    *Nomad Territory

    *Spirestone: ~Lorak, ~Tiff, ~Morvath, ~Bran

    *Earlington Valleys




Continent: The Great Dunes of Kryst (2)
Because of it's connection to the heart of the world, It is thought that the mysteries of Kryst hold untold treasures and a vast array of knowledge regarding the nature of the Darkside... perhaps even to the vampire race. However, Kryst's connection generates extreme weather conditions—and worse yet, yearly an intense heat stems directly from the core of the Darkside. When at its peak, the heat rakes the desert lands to molten glass, leaving behind a dangerous obsidian terrain once cooled. So stern is it that only the Trinity have ever freely roamed its rugged regions and returned unscathed. By now the Trinity and Council alike have deemed it forbidden to attempt it's exploration.

During the Darkside anniversary celebrations of 2013, now known as the Slaughter Games, Caine revealed that he had at least once traversed the Dunes, and created a tomb where he housed the remains of the legendary Van Helsing's mentor, Klaas Van Straten. The tomb is said to still exist, with it's walls lined with casks of magically altered Black Blood and weapons created by the long-dead slayer.

    —Southern Lighthouse Ruins

    —Tomb of Van Straten

    !—Forbidden territories




Continent: Wirelands (3)
The Wirelands exist in a portion of area where innate supernatural conductivity is so high that immense cloud cover often cloaks it from aerial views. Furthermore, while it doesn't appear so from random aerial views, when searched for the continent becomes divided from every other by such vast ocean that to find it by water is extremely trying. Some myths say the Wirelands move themselves from place to place to avoid being settled by vampire kind.

However, on August 25th, 2013, the Wirelands appeared to the world and held it's place. While our Vampires of Science did (in accordance with the Council's direction, and with the assistance of the Vampire Authorities) arrive there and are carefully test it's strange lands at length... political war broke out between the North and South regions.

It became widely known as GroundWars: Terrortory.

After 48hrs of battle, the South took a GroundWars victory from the North, officially claiming the Wirelands and all they contain as lands that belong to them. From this day forth all edicts of the South have become law, and all discoveries made there belong to them.

The Wirelands continue to remain elusive and thereby uninhabitable, but it is markedly less elusive than ever before. It is said that it being claimed has given the soils peace. As if proof of this, the lands are more easily discoverable by denizens of the South.

By today trades with the South have increased exponentially, and new fantastic mysteries and powers are brought forth from the Wirelands to vampires Darkside-wide.

    **Draconem Territories

    **Necromagic Shores

    **Woodland of Essence

    —The Chain of Andilaveris

    —Shadow Kingdom Ruins

    ?—Unexplored territories




Continent: Elder Islands (aka Ribs of the Eternals)
The Elder Islands are in the Southern-most end of the Darkside and set themselves apart from all other continents. It is said that the Darkside grew one island for the Trinity to share, but it was shattered into three by the triumvirate themselves, during their first and largest feud. They now encircle one another in solitude, far from the reaches of other Darksiders.

    +Tertius Atoll: **Ashlands: —Sanctum of Andilaveris

    +Secondus Atoll: **Dark Eden: —Sanctum of Lillith

    +Primus Atoll: **Ruinstoke Mountains: —Sanctum of Caine


Source: Contributed by and with Special Thanks to Theresa Horsley (Madam Morrag) and Phyllis Witblood, for their help in inspiring and creating this very special addition to Vampires: The Darkside.

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