Darkside Geography: The West

The following will cover the Northern continents of the Darkside. Listed are some of the most famous regions, towns, locations, and structures. Many locations may be added in the future!

Text Key Legend
• = Continent
* = Greater Region
** = Minor Region
~ = City/Town
+= disconnected lands
— = Important Structure
(#) = Continent size order by area (1=Largest )
{} = Prominent Body of Water
?— = Unexplored
!— = Forbidden

The West


Continent: Shade
Larger than Bane by three times, Shade is the most inhabited continent in the West. While significantly smaller than Maiden's Casket, where it rivals it's Northern counterpart is in population due to it's favorable and varied lands. Shade is the unofficial capitol of Import/Export, and is responsible for 70% of the Darkside's trades.

Lead by Unitary Commissioner, the Shaman King, Shade is perhaps the wealthiest continent in the realm. It's proximity to Midhaven offers its plethora of jungles and highlands extra supernatural properties. As such, much of the continent is divided between religious devotees and import/export workers.

    *^Bloodshore: ~Drenora, ~Kingdom Cliffs, ~Dimday

    *Volcanisia: ~Ambra's Veil, ~Taran, **Crowbeak Canyons: {}Madlan Tarn

    *Aerothine: ~Glowwater, ~Amber Dens, ~Niven

    *Mystfell: ~Kiron, ~Terrad, ~Whisper Glades, —Fogwood Harbor

    {}White Eye Pools (lake formations)

Hidden Cays (3)
These islands are spattered all around Shade by the hundreds. Most are so small they're undectable from aerial views. The two largest are well inhabited by early Shade tradesmen. Some say that it is from these and the officially unexplored surrounding islands that Shade requisites it's more unique trade items.

    +Bloodshore Cays: ~Midian, ~Goren, ~Dahlia, ~Titian

    +Sanguine Blares: ~Claryte, ~Hemon, ~Ignion

    ?—Unexplored keys


Continent: Bane (2)
Bane fares well in that the people of Shade offer much of their wealth to its people. A mostly fortified land, only the Southern shores are not protected by massive cliffs. Because of the seclusion it offers, many vampire travel to it's lands as a refuge from the bustling climate of Maiden's Casket.

In June of 2017 Bane officially received Unitary Commissioner, Erebus Horne, as it's leader.

    —Well of the Penitent

    —Eye of the Gayal (Monument)

    *Witchwatch Bays: ~Tiomon, ~Scorpion's Hearth, ~Cheron, ~Erentus

    *Bane: ~Harbon, ~Nestlingberg, ~Solace

    —Western Lighthouse


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Contributed by and with Special Thanks to Theresa Horsley (Madam Morrag) and Phyllis Witblood, for their help in inspiring and creating this very special addition to Vampires: The Darkside.

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