Darkside Geography: The East

The following will cover the Northern continents of the Darkside. Listed are some of the most famous regions, towns, locations, and structures. Many locations may be added in the future!

Text Key Legend
• = Continent
* = Greater Region
** = Minor Region
~ = City/Town
+= disconnected lands
— = Important Structure
(#) = Continent size order by area (1=Largest )
{} = Prominent Body of Water
?— = Unexplored
!— = Forbidden

The East


Continent: Barren Soils
The Barren Soils are exactly as the name implies, and humble those who attempted to inhabit it. Filled with endless gray sands and ferocious native creatures, the Soils is a trying place. While a surprising number have been successful, it is now commonplace to say that only the most hardened vampires choose to live on this continent. A common vampire saying is "Put a Childe in the Soils and up an Elder beast boils".

It's elected leader, Unitary Commissioner, Maura Malice, has formed the Shadowfall Army... offering the Soils a much needed militia to keep peace throughout the lands.

From an ages old rivalry passed on through lineages, the East challenged the great General Eiron of the Southern Borders, in a confrontation that became known as GroundWars: Opposition. The North gave their support to the Soils, but it was not enough. While they East fought hard and true, Eiron's tactical brilliance along with aid from the West gained them the war. Eiron has banned any from the Soils from a place in the ranks of his militia. The East, unsettled by the loss, are in talks of another confrontation in the future.

    *Deserts of Decay

    *Shadowfall Mountains



    ~East Wind

    *Unrelenting Marsh

    —Heart of the Muroni (Monument)

    ?—Unexplored territories


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Contributed by and with Special Thanks to Theresa Horsley (Madam Morrag) and Phyllis Witblood, for their help in inspiring and creating this very special addition to Vampires: The Darkside.

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