Darkside Geography: The North

The following will cover the Northern continents of the Darkside. Listed are some of the most famous regions, towns, locations, and structures. Many locations may be added in the future!

Text Key Legend
• = Continent
* = Greater Region
** = Minor Region
~ = City/Town
+= disconnected lands
— = Important Structure
(#) = Continent size order by area (1=Largest )
{} = Prominent Body of Water
?— = Unexplored
!— = Forbidden


The North


Continent: Maiden's Casket (1)
Maiden's Casket is the largest known continent on the Darkside. Thus the majority of Darksiders populate their unlives here. Maiden's Casket also holds the North's Capitol region (and arguably Capitol of the entire Darkside), the massive twin cities of Blackwell.

Lead by Unitary Commissioner Lila Ballari, Maiden's Casket has a strong military presence thanks to the adoption of half of General Eiron's Darkside Militia forces. Maiden's Casket sets the standards for government and social standing in the realm, harboring the main Scientific Investigations Unit and Vampire Authorities offices, as well as the Council's Great Lyceum.

    *^Blackwell: ~North District: —Barter Park, ~South District: —Monolith (VSN HQ)

    —Honor Ridge (Shrine to those lost in the Purge)

    *Wolf's Glide: ~Blear, ~Greypelt, ~Pack Hill

    *Hollow's Divide: ~Raven: —Phyllis' Sanctum, ~Wyrm, ~Bavrot, **Lurking Fields

    *Darkwatch Isle: The Great Lyceum

    *Ardent Plains: ~Longfellow's Talon, **Fang Hill

    —Lost Monument Ruins




Continent: Midhaven (2)
While it is the smaller of the two Northern continents, Midhaven is a dangerous land. As if it's virtually unlivable terrain isn't enough, the lands are a major center to various unidentifiable supernatural activities that amplify the risk of those who venture here. The safest habitable zones generally are those resting nearest water, with threat to unlife growing steadily as one moves further inland.

In May of 2014, the source of the supernatural entities in Midhaven became sentient and inhabited legions of the abandoned statuary of the Forgotten Fields. Out of concern for the scourge entering other continents, the Council sanctioned an immediate Deadfall and citizens of the Darkside annihilated the threat.

In August of that same year, a second Deadfall was sanctioned. Darksiders were sent to explore the potential source of the entity behind the Forgotten Fields in the nearby location of the Forest of Sorrows. The supernatural area was searched thoroughly, and the entity finally came under control of the Darkside. It was later contained and transferred to the Barren Soils for study.

    *Forest of Sorrows

    *Unsettled Gorges

    —Northern Lighthouse

    ~Mittelton Lurch

    —Eye of Eora (Childe training grounds)

    *Forgotten Fields

    *Devil's Peak: ~Exile's Refuge

    —Word of the Varaco (Monument)


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Contributed by and with Special Thanks to Theresa Horsley (Madam Morrag) and Phyllis Witblood, for their help in inspiring and creating this very special addition to Vampires: The Darkside.

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