The Darkside: Overview

The Beginning
Of its own mysterious accord, the Darkside appeared from the void and called to us all. After the events of the Great Purge, it has since lasted as a place of refuge to vampire-kind. The breadth of the world itself is as wide as it is varied. Just how it exists and what inhabited it before us (if anything) is a question that remains unanswered.

What It Is & Does
Of the things we do know, it is important to understand that the Darkside is imbued with immeasurable quantities of Dark Essence—the driving force that gives all vampire their immense power and ability. It is popularly believed that the Darkside is so saturated with Dark Essence it has itself become alive. While this thought is to the extreme, there is vast amounts of evidence which favor it.

One example is how its very nature allow us to revive ourselves from circumstances that should be considered inevitable, permanent destruction. Another is in that it offers us perpetual night; as if somehow it can sense that our race needs this to survive. Even another is in its gift of phangdryte to those victors of war. More yet is in the mysterious and unpredictable movement, changes, subtractions, and additions to its world-wide terrain.

In any other circumstances these unnatural changes would be feared, but it seems that with rare exception, only uninhabited areas have ever been included in such occurrences. As such the mentality is that the Darkside would never cause us harm. To this day, this remains true.

Change & Protection
The intense supernatural nuances of the Darkside have proven to make it too difficult for even the greatest of cartographers to fully and accurately map. Moreover, because of its incredible size and varying regional climates and terrains, there are many known locations on the Darkside that are still unexplored.

What things that are contained on the few world-maps that exist are only approximations based on irregular reports from necessary travels and scouting. Even so, we are here in this world... and by our inhabiting it we have brought some stability to it's darkened face.

The Darkside, for us, remains an eternal gift; one as grand and meaningful to all who reside here as our own existence in the unlife. Darkside be praised!
Ours & the Human Realm

It is also noteworthy to explore the fact that while the Darkside exists as a physical world, it does so in a supernatural dimension all of it's own. We call this the Supernatural Realm. It means we are in an entirely different place from what we all remember of the Human Realm. Yet the Darkside has blessed us with the ability to move between the two worlds with ease.

While this is true, there is indeed a barrier between our two realms. It exists at the Southern most end of the Darkside—in the Cimmerian Ridge. It appears to us as a wall of cascading color, a waivering shimmer of non-destructive light as tall as our night skies. It is our understanding that only Supernatural beings may pass through this barrier... but there have been some few exceptions. For this reason the barrier remains guarded at all times by our strongest army.

Rumors & Truth
Some say too easily that the Humans could, by way of magic, discover our world and set us to peril. This line of thinking is as unfounded as it is unproven by any side. Another mentality, and one that is generally accepted as true, is that our realm exists in the same space as the Human Realm, merely in another dimension. It would be by this school of thought that proves why when we pass through the barrier we are exactly where we choose to be, which could be anywhere in the Human Realm.

As it stands, even our own Necromagicians, Scholars, and Vampires of Science are unable to definitively explain the exact nature of our realm, much less how it relates to other realms, and how it relates to us. We are left then only with our faith in the Darkside... and it is with that faith that we carry on our daily Unlives, doing as we do, and as we see fit.

Continued in Darkside Geography:
The North
The East
The West
The South

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