Passages Explained

Passage 1

Passage 1 contains several important things that enhance your game-play.
  • Sealed Sarcophagas - Consumable Goods
    In this section you'll find your current collection of consumable items, known as Devourables.

    Devourables are listed as icons that show what the item looks like, and when hovered over will also give you it's name and a brief description of the item's individual aspects. To consume a devourable from here, simple press "Devour" and the item will be instantly used.

    As well as holding your Devourables, the Sarcophagus also offers the opportunity to gift any of your current devourables to Clan on your friend-list. This function can be accessed by pressing the "Give" button in the bottom right corner of this area.

  • Architectural Necropolis - Sanctum Remodeling
    This area contains all of your current Sanctums, which can also be applied from here.

    Each Sanctum is represented by a small icon. To see a preview of the Sanctum, simply hover your cursor over the icon. To apply a Sanctum, press the button labeled "Change". To get more Sanctums, follow the blue link in the bottom right corner that says "Get more Sanctums!"*.

    *Please note that by following the link for more Sanctums you will exit the Catacombs.
  • Private Chambers - Darkside Mementos
    These chambers contain any permanent special rare collectable items you may have gathered or won during important happenings on the Darkside.

    As an example, Live Event trophies or rewards will appear here.

Passage 2

This passage is dedicated solely to fun!
  • Secret Alcove - Rest in Pieces
    Here you'll find unique mini-games, or puzzles, that we refer to in the non-literal sense as Cryptograms.

    Cryptograms are here for those times when you're waiting for your timers to refill and want to challenge your intellect against putting together a sliding-tile style puzzle.

    In addition, you will see that you may gift clan members a cryptogram piece as well as ask for a cryptogram piece for yourself. To give a cryptogram piece, simply hit the Give button, pick the puzzle and the piece you wish to give and post it to their wall. To ask for a cryptogram piece, hit the Seek button, pick the puzzle and piece that you need and post to your wall.

**The cryptogram pieces are no longer dropping in the game for the time being, but if you decide you want to collect the pieces for fun, many Elder players have an abundance.  This will also be revisited at a later date.**

Passage 3

Passage 3 contains important items that are required for specific gameplay aspects.
  • Hidden Sepulcher - Special Items
    In the Sepulcher you'll find your current, complete collection of looted items, such as the trophy-heads of Bosses you've defeated throughout the game.

  • Necromantic Reliquary - Successful Creations
    Your reliquary is a shrine in which all of your sacred relics are kept. These sacred relics are of course your successful Fusions.

    Anytime you Fuse a new item with the Necromancer in Passage 4, a picture of that item appears in your Reliquary to show off your creation. Think of it like a display case that shows off the glories of all your hard work!

  • Mystical Mausoleum - Ingredients
    The Mausoleum is dedicated solely to holding your current collection of Fusable ingredients.

Passage 4

Passage 4 is inhabited by the Grand Necromancer, and is the central housing for the Vamporium, as well as where Rituals of Damnation will begin.

  • Vamporium - First Tab
    Please see our article dedicated to the Vamporium, by clicking here.
  • Fusion - Second Tab
    Please see our page dedicated to Fusion & History, by clicking here.
  • History - Third Tab
     Please see our page dedicated to Fusion & History, by clicking here.
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