What is Fostering?

Fostering is an optional feature created to allow players to be able to have "shared siring" if they so choose. This will allow those with an active sire who wish to have a sire-union with another player who is not currently their active sire.

The Foster sire will have a 50% chance of receiving relics from their foster childe and the other 50% of the time, the relics will go to the active sire, as they always have. The 50% chance is per relic, ie, the childe gets a relic, there is a 50% chance of you getting that relic or the active sire getting that relic.

Interested in being Fostered?
Here's what you need to know:

Your Current Status must be marked as Eligible for fostering on the Vamp Adoption page. (The Vamp Adoption/Fostering button is on your home page)

  • If you are level 1-19, you are NOT eligible for fostering. This is to prevent potential exploits as well as to prevent new children from accidental opt-ins while exploring the game.

  • You'll need to "Opt in" to appear on the fostering list.

  • You can't be fostered or re-fostered if you have been newly adopted or fostered until 90 days have passed.

  • Offers to foster you will appear in the fostering offers area of the Vamp Adoption page.

    Once you have had a chance to see who has offered to foster you, it is up to you to make the choice of who you will accept. We encourage you to speak to the potential Foster sire that you are considering. You can choose to reject as many as you want and accept the one that you feel will be the best fit.

    If at any time you decide you'd rather not be fostered, simply "Opt out" and you will not appear on the Fostering list.

    If you've been sired and for any reason your foster relationship isn't working, after 90 days have passed, you can return to the Foster/Adoption page and cancel your foster sire. In this situation, once you're free of your foster sire, you may opt in for fostering again.

    Example of the cancel foster button that appears after 90 days of initial fostering

Are you looking to Foster a Childe?
Here's the low-down:

The Master and Elder tiers are able to foster -
If you are not yet a Master, this privilege will be available to you when you get there!

You must be older than the player you wish to Foster.

Red Blood and IP:
Available foster children have an associated red blood and Instinct Point (IP) cost based on their calculated value, which is displayed on their eligibility card in the right hand Foster column.

Each vampling has a unique cost value that you will need to be prepared to pay.
Once you press the "Make offer" button, you will have initiated the fostering request.
If you do not have enough red blood in your bank, the transaction can not be completed. The same goes for the required Instinct Point amount (Your IP total is displayed at the top of the Adoption page). If you have enough of one, but not the other, the foster transaction will not happen.

Once you have made an offer, the potential foster childe will be able to see it and decide if you're the right Foster Sire for them. If not, they can decline. Should they accept, you become a new Foster Sire to that childe and will have a 50% chance at receiving relic finds from your new foster childe. The 50% chance is per relic, ie, the childe gets a relic, there is a 50% chance of you getting that relic or the original active sire getting that relic.

Finding your Fostered Children

Any childe that has been fostered by you can be found by using your main navigation at the top of the page, and clicking Slaves.

On the Slaves page, click the Childe tabe. Here you'll see your sired and adopted children displayed with a gray background, where all fostered childe will display with a green background.

Additional details:

  • You cannot be re-fostered (or adopted) until 90 days have passed with your current foster or adopted sire (whichever happened last).

  • You cannot foster yourself

  • Foster children do not count toward "House" numbers, nor are they taken away from their current active sire's "House" numbers.

  • If you are currently sired by a House Regent, and you choose to be fostered, your relics will be split between your current House Sire and your Foster Sire but you will keep the "House" name. If you do not wish to share your relics, do not opt in for fostering.

  • You can now see who you have offers in on, and you have the ability to withdraw offers that you have made if you so choose.

  • Available Fosterees now have active links from their eligibility cards to their profile page for better communication.
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  • Avatar
    Joyce Schlask

    If a foster childe is subsequently adopted, how do you then go back and disown as the foster (leaving them the option of taking a new foster sire)

  • Avatar
    Stacey Bannister

    How does a childe remove a foster? I had forgotten how to do it.

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