Black Blood Exchange (BBE)

Black Blood Exchange

Black Blood [BB] is the blood of a vampire. Black Blood carries immense power within it, and thus is an extremely valuable commodity. A Black Blood Exchange, also called BBE, is when 2 vampires drink from each other to increase one another's strength by giving each other a boost in energy or rage.

A Black Blood Exchange can occur between 2 Vampires in the same clan, but only once every 24 hours. You have to be 20 years old AND the age difference can not be more than a 30 year difference between you and your partner if either one of you is under 50 years old (example: if you are 33 and someone else is will not work.) Once your are over 50 years old then age is not a concern as long as both vampires are over 50 years old.

Only one vampire needs to perform the action but both will benefit. You perform the action by clicking the BBE button on a vampires page in the game.

The myth is that it is meant for partners, although the game evolved into this pairing union of the luscious blood exchange.  When it is executed, by clicking the BBE button on a player's page, you and that character will receive a Rage or Energy refill.  Hot!

The truth?
BBE was developed by the lead programmer of VDS with the intention of having it stolen. There are no rules to BBE except for age and level requirements and that it must be with clan.  Keep in mind though that if you're daring enough to steal it, you'll likely hear about it!


For those who would like to seek out a BBE partner, you can do that on your own in the game or if you need help, you can have a look in this player organized BBE finder group


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