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Customize with Sanctums
Sanctums are specially designed art created by the developers. They serve as the background art to VDS.

Each sanctum is unique in style, color and design. Sanctums are a great way to tailor the look of VDS to fit your mood or personality and can be changed anytime, on the fly!

Some Sanctums are free, while others are purchasable with Favor Points. There are currently over 30 Customization options in a variety of styles.


Locating Sanctums
Sanctums can be accessed and applied in any of two different galleries.

1) Your Collection
Your personal collection of Sanctums is located in Catacombs > Passage 1. This is your private gallery of collected Sanctums. Viewing them here lets you keep track of which you currently own.

Note that the gallery in Passage 1 is called Architectural Necropolis.

2) The Council
The Council's Customize tab consists of all currently available Sanctums and is located in Council > Customize. If you're looking for a Sanctum you don't already have, this is the place to go!

Choosing & Changing a Sanctum
Choosing a Sanctum is entirely up to you. You can preview the style of the Sanctum you're considering by simply by scrolling down the page (Council), or by hovering over the icon (Catacombs).

In either case, you'll see a preview of the Sanctum, including it's name, art style, and any other relative information to that particular Sanctum.

Here's a few examples of Sanctum previews:


Free Sanctums in either gallery can be applied by pressing Apply (Council) or Change (Catacombs).

Purchasable Sanctums must be purchased for Favor Points, and are automatically applied when you buy them.


Types of Sanctums
Sanctums in either gallery come in two different types. Classic Sanctums and Power Sanctums.

Classic sanctums are simply amazing art you can customize your game with.

Power Sanctums have amazing art you can customize your game with, but have the added bonus of including a high stat power. The accompanying power is permanently in your inventory and always used even if you switch sanctums.

Here are a few examples of Power Sanctum previews:

Power Sanctums and Classic Sanctums are generally purchased with Favor Points, but there are many available for free.


Attaining Sanctums
Many sanctums are available simply by purchasing them via Favor Points from the Council.

However, there are many ways to attain a free Sanctum. Some Sanctums are available as awards for ingame achievements, others can be created from Necromagical Fusion, others are given away as awards for certain Live Gaming Events, and more can be found as rewards or fused from ingredients found while Prowling.

To learn how to discern a Sanctum's origin by it's Class, see the link below in our related article.


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