History of the Necromancer


The Necromancer
Long ago the Grand Necromancer was one of a select group of necromages who practiced the rare and powerful art of vampiric magic. Even In their glory necromages were thought of as a dark secret to those who knew of them. That vampires would perform magic was considered by many as an insult to the nature of their species.

As such necromages were generally treated like outcasts. They yearned to teach to all their great power but few were willing to learn. Then came the Great Purge, during which the Necromancer was forced to flee into hiding or face the same grisly fate as his brethren.

Burying himself deep in the earth of a hidden valley, for so long he slept.

Finally an immense focus of dark essence called to him from his slumber. When he awoke, he came to find much time had passed. Following the source of the essence to the Darkside, he saw a realm rich with vampire. With so much dark essence at his disposal he realized now could be the time that Necromagery sees its rightful rise amongst the vampire population.

With this in mind he gathered what few of his belongings he had left... summoned forth his great friend and demon spirit, Tokoloshe, and set forth into the lands of the Darkside. In his explorations of our lands he was surprised to find what potential was growing in the vampires he met. Even so, potential is not enough to groom one into a necromage... thus he was forced to wait until our worth was proved.

While the dark essence in the Darkside realm was powerful, the necromancer was still a vampire—and was too weak from his long slumber to reveal himself as the magnificent mage he was. He required blood, and for his significant age and power he required it in massive amounts.

With no other choice he revealed himself to the entire Darkside, summoning us to his aid. Through a massive event called Blood Rites, we succeeded in regaining to him his peak strength and powers. Now at long last he has committed himself to all to teach the mystical ways of the necromage, and as such the Council has promoted his title to the Grand Necromancer. As a thank you to his Darkside saviors, he has created exciting new powers that await those worthy of learning.

Are you one of those who are eager to learn? If so, immense power awaits you.


The Emblem of the Necromage
The necromages of old held a sacred symbol to their ranks. As well as becoming a symbol of indefinite power to them, it was also perfect for identifying them as practitioners of these mystical arts.

With the ancient group lost and the Necromancer being the last of his kind, even more importance is placed on the symbol, as it represents all that was lost and all that shall be. As such the Necromancer continues to use this as a symbol of his kind, but also as his personal emblem—worn as his cloak-pin which is often obscured by his scarf.

The Emblem of the Necromage is a depiction of the two serpents entwined at the tales, surrounding a world (often implemented as a gem of some kind).

Historically ni the human realm, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. This too applies to the realm of the vampire. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. The symbol represents these items, and like the ouroboros, the Emblem of the Necromage also is a symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life, though in this case, the unlife.

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