Regency: Overview

The best way to understand Regency is to fully understand what a Sire is and how it relates to Lineage.


In the the world of VDS, a Sire is recognized as the person whose invitation is accepted by a new player to join the game. We call this new player a Childe. A Childe's Sire is listed on their profile page.

Siring brings many benefits, including extra bloodflow and the ability to use relics that are found by any Chile. As a player, you have the ability to invite as many people to the game as you like. This means that as a Sire, you could have an unlimited number of Childe.

Should a Childe choose to have a new Childe, they then become a Sire and the same rules are applied. In this way a natural lineage is created. Any player's lineage can be followed by simply clicking on their Sire's name, and following the progression of Sires as each are revealed.

1. Vamp_0 sires Fang_1.
2. Vamp_0 is now Fang_1's Sire.
3. Fang_1 now sires Biter_2.

Obviously Biter_2 is now Fang_1's Childe, but how does this effect Vamp_0?
Vamp_0 becomes Biter_2's Grandsire.
Their lineage would then be: Vamp_0 > Fang_1 > Biter_2

It is typical for a Sire to have a small amount of children, and for their lineage to naturally span. However, should a Sire find themselves up to the challenge, a new title of prestige (as well as many benefits and rewards) can be attained simply by siring more.


From Sire to Regent

There are two different types of Regencies any Sire can attain. Each comes with it's own set of conditions, rewards, and benefits.

Omni Regent
An Omni Regent is one vampire who sires a specific amount of childe and forms a Minor Bloodline. An Omni Regent is the sole regency over their Minor Bloodline.

Co-Regents (aka House Regent)
Co-regents are two vampires who bind together their siring numbers to create a House. Co-regents share their regency over their House.

In the "Regency" article  we'll explore the conditions and rewards for creating this type of Regency.


House vs Minor Bloodline: Understanding the Difference

The differences may appear slim on the outside, but in the logic of our world: that a single vampire can Sire 500 children should indeed equate to the creation of a Minor Bloodline.

This Omni Regent could refer to their collective new bloodline as a "House" for the sake of public label, however the gold symbol that matches our Major Bloodlines (Muroni, Nosferato, Gayal, Varaco) will indicate the importance of this, and its inherent difference.

As for Houses (in the official sense) two vampires coming together with a slew of separate siring, regardless their numbers on either side, could not by any means constitute a Minor Bloodline. So collectively these are known as Houses, and the silver emblem that represents any House will indicate this difference.

In short:


Gold = Minor Bloodline (Omni Regent only)
Silver = House (House Regents only)


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