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Brand new vamplings, if you read no other article in the "Learn" section of this official group, please for the love of Lillith, read all of this one.


What it's About
Learning how to navigate the game is important, but not as important as understanding what the game is about. There are things you should know and be willing to embrace if you want to succeed here.

This game, Vampires: the Darkside (referred to as VDS) is a multi-player online role playing game. You have met the members of the Trinity while establishing your character’s name, sire and bloodline and you now have the opportunity to play against other vampire characters in this fairly aggressive challenging game.

To climb the ranks, you need to gain experience points by completing missions and fighting other vampire characters for starters. If you're willing to work at it, pace your character's leveling and truly learn how to make the most of your vampire character, you'll enjoy a very rewarding and addicting experience.

But wait!  there's more......


VDS is a Killing Game
To have a successful role playing killing game, you have to “kill” other player's characters once - twice or more and in turn they must kill you once twice or more.

You can kill another character one time a day, 5 times a day, or 20 times a day or even more. That might sound dreadful, but it is just a game and a killing game at that! Every character playing this game kills other characters.

One player can only take 55 experience from another player in a 24 hour period which makes embracing death even easier ;)

We have a favorite Darkside saying: Kill 'em all!, and...  we all do. Reasons behind killing another vampire character do not matter as long as we kill and feed, this IS a vampire themed role playing game in case you missed that.

Know that we will all be killed by another player sooner or later. Your character will kill and be killed. You will help your clan kill other characters and your opponents will do the same in getting help from their clan to kill your character.  We are clans of vampire. It’s what we do.


Embrace Death (Seriously... you must!)

Then.... the killing is easy. You might be killed because of your name, or the color of your VDS game page, or because someone woke up on the wrong or perhaps the right side of the coffin or maybe, just because you are there - right there on the fight list! The reason doesn’t matter as killing is part of everyday play on the Darkside.

Instead of getting hopping mad, invite your attacker over for a blood Mary OR polish the heal button and whack them back. Make friends, make enemies, make frienemies! Now, if you haven’t been scared away yet, you should get prepared and ready yourself to kill some vamps! Whether it’s with revenge or love for fun or for food!

Why is VDS different? Just for starters......The Darkside is (as far as we know) the ONLY game that holds regular, developer hosted live gaming events.  They are wild, fast paced, sometimes grueling but really fun! .... Not to mention you win really cool stuff at these events.


Where to Go From Here
There are many articles here in the LEARN section here in our Community.  We also encourage you to observe and ask questions in our Community Discussion area!

Oh, one more thing! Bookmark, follow, subscribe to the VDS Fanpage. We hold cool contests there and provide the most current information about the game!

Glad to have you with us and ^V^ Happy Hunting! ^V^

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    I seem to know that phrase...
    <3's and {WHISKEY}

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    Sara Cooper

    it's only death.

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    Charlotte Anne Anderson
    Death holds no fears for me.... I have seen its Face and Laughed Joyfully at its discomfort at my Bravery and Fearlessness
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    Have much to learn..thanks for information !

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    I'm just learning this game and I already love the challenges.

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    Father, Mother and... /Coughs softly, arches an eyebrow questionng./

    And... And.. Aunty? /Sighs/..

    Apologetic shrug.

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