How do I decide who should be my Sire?

Your sire should be someone that you trust and that will help you with learning the game and answer questions that you have.  

Any relics that you obtain in the game are shared with your Sire, and you do earn/give a blood income to your sire.  A sire does get plenty of benefits from their childes, so you should think and make sure that whomever you pick as a sire is someone that you want to be your sire.  

A childe can not disown their sire.
A childe can ask to be disowned but there is no obligation for a Sire to do so. Some will, some won't.

If your Sire becomes inactive for 30 days, you can "Opt in" for Adoption

If for any reason a childe is unhappy with their Sire, they do have the option to choose a "Foster Sire."



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