Pop-up, Ad Blockers & Add-ons

Everyone knows ads are no fun, surprise pop-ups are easily considered an annoyance, and Addons/extensions make your browsing easier. However VDS does not aggressively advertise, and pop-ups in VDS are a needed functionality delivered by Facebook to efficiently use the social aspects of the game, and some Addons/extensions cause issues with the game.

While the items listed below are only optional, it's likely you'll find that the recommendations below will optimize your gameplay.

Pop-up Blockers

Because VDS relies on Facebook publishes (which are technically pop-ups), using a Pop-Up Blocker will affect your game, preventing you from sharing publishes. We strongly recommend changing your settings to only allow pop-ups in VDS.

Ad Blockers
VDS utilizes CSS to insert unobtrusive, shared advertising across the top of the game. This shared advertising helps the visibility of VDS with other games who use this same adbar.

By using an Ad Blocker in our game, the space where the ad is will disappear, and you may see severe issues with the layout, such as misplaced text and misaligned graphics.

We recommend you turn off your ad blocker, or adjust the settings to allow only VDS.

Add-Ons and Extensions
Items like Better Facebook, Firebug and numerous other browser add-ons/extensions can affect your gameplay negatively. We recommend you leave these off while playing VDS. However if you choose to leave them on and are noticing issues with the game, try turning them off and see if the issue is resolved.


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