Powers: Intermediate

This article is continued from Powers: Basic

Now that you understand Stats and Disciplines, the following section revolves more specifically around intermediate essentials.

How Powers are Used
As mentioned before, each Discipline will contain powers that will be used solely for Attacking, and a potentially different variety used solely for your clan's Defense.

When Attacking: the best of your current attacking powers are selected
When Defending: the best of your current defensive powers are selected.

Some rare items also influence the outcome... you'll have to figure out how on your own!

Your Bloodline Matters
Each Bloodline has their own unique set of strengths. This is known as "Bloodline Strength" and some powers fall into this category for you. The powers that fall within a Bloodline's strength are more powerful for a vampire of that bloodline, getting an automatic +1 to attack and defense.

How does that work? Let's find out!

As a Varaco, you might see your Bloodline symbol on a power (in this case, the star shaped symbol). The stats might show 10 in attack and 10 in defense. But since this is your Bloodline Strength, it’s really 11 in attack and 11 in defense!

So you see, paying close attention to your bloodline is important when buying your powers.

Powers Currently in Use & How to Manage Them
When you attack another vampire a fight dialog is shown. This dialog contains all of your fight result information.

Among other items, it includes a list of each power you're currently attacking with. While it's sometimes difficult to discern from the list, your attack powers that are being used from each Discipline are listed here. You can reference each power between this list and your powers on the Powers page.

In doing so you will learn the order in which they are displayed, as well as how many of each you're currently fighting with compared to how many you actually own.

Learning how to read your dialog will be your greatest help in managing your powers effectively and keep you from wasting precious blood. So much help in fact that it brings us to our final section, Powers: The Advanced Stuff, where we'll learn more on how to discern the dialog list to your fullest advantage.

Continued in the next article: Powers: Advanced 

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