Building Clan

Facebook Security & Facebook Invites
Facebook has many security measures, and one in particular affects adding live people to your Clan. You may be warned by Facebook if you add them quickly and write the same message repeatedly. Around (25) Invites a day is the community-reported Facebook invite maximum. 

However, thanks to Dark Mark system, you don't have to be friends on Facebook in order to have live players in your Clan. 


Inviting with Dark Marks
The Dark Mark system makes inviting anyone in the game to your Clan a breeze. You don't need to be friends on Facebook and there are plenty of ways to share, send and receive Dark Mark invites from and to live players!

For more information on what Dark Marks are and how to use them, please visit our Dark Marks knowledge base article.


Starting Out
When you begin the game, you will automatically have 250 Clan. These are Non-POlayer Character [NPC] Clan, also called phantom Clan. This is to help you get started. While it’s up to whether you want to invite more friends into your clan, you'll receive +10 NPC Clan at every level up to level 75. At that point you'll have met your 1000 Clan requirement and have full Clan!


Attaining Full Clan
Having your full 1000 [+1/you] clan is important to meet certain mission requirements, and vital to combat. Filling your Clan with actual people may take some work, but the rewards far exceed the challenge.

Keep an eye on your in game news feed and if someone hits you and wins or loses, you can click their name in the Combat Feed, which brings you to their ingame Profile page. From there you can leave your Dark Mark in a comment.

In some cases you may be able to click their name and arrive on their Facebook wall, though many players no longer have this option due to a change made by Facebook sometime ago.

Using add-me groups is another great way! Just search Facebook for a VDS, Darkside, or Vampires: The Darkside group. Many are active and open to the public!

Alternately, VDS also offers their Official Dark Mark Share Facebook Group, hosted by Vampires: The Darkside. It's a great, easy way to share your Dark Mark and is filled with players just like you, who are all looking to build their Clan!


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