Tips for building your clan

Before we get in to the "where do I find clan" we want to talk to you about how to add clan efficiently and safely- meaning we'd like everyone to keep from getting the Facebook pink box warning that your account will be suspended from adding friends too quickly. 

To have someone in your clan, you must first be friends with them on FB.(You can organize your friends/gamer friends by using the "List" feature. It takes a couple seconds to do, but can be invaluable if you ever need to delete groups of friends.) 

The most important thing to remember when adding friends for the game is not to add them too fast. You WILL get warned by Facebook if you add them quickly and write the same message repeatedly. Around 25 a day is maximum to our knowledge. 


*Helpful hints* 

When you begin the game, you will automatically have 251 clan built in. This is to help you get started. It’s up to you to get the other 250.  Read on to see how this can be done.... 

Getting full clan is important in our game and it isn't easy. You absolutely have to work at it but the rewards far exceed the challenge. Keep an eye on your in game news feed and if someone hits you and wins or loses, you can click their name in the feed, go to their in game page and click their name to go to their FB page. Here you can request them as a friend. Be humorous and give them reason to want to add you. Some players, especially higher level vamps get MANY requests per day, so make your request different. Creating interest is important ;) 

Using add-me groups are great too, but if you think they're all going to come running to you after you put your name on a list, you're wrong. Some will, but YOU have to do the work to get there. You need to send out the requests, once you find those looking for clan- they don't  automagically pop into your clan. If you work at it, you will get there!  We've tested this and getting full clan can be attained with diligence in 1-2 weeks. Yes, really! 

You can also look to add at other active players you see regularly on the Fight List, or even add those in the eternal CLAN ADD event on facebook . They're all players like you, looking to build their clan.

Once you have a player on your friend list, we've made it simple to request them to be in your clan. Simply click the "CLAN" tab in game and you'll  see > "Add friends" this will bring you to a page where you can send out a mass clan invite to everyone on your friend list who you are not yet clanned with. Easy peasy! 

You can also go to their vamp page and click the Clan Request button to request that they join your clan.

And don't forget, we have an ongoing clan add event  and anyone looking to build their clan can join :)

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    Jac Helin

    Well Add Me I am just a Baby Vamp for now but we all grow up eventually here is my Vampire Name - LUCIFERSPITE - & my Link
    LOL my Sire has the Same Name just Spelt a Bit Different lol and actually after he added Tags a Few Weeks Ago I can Hardly Read His Name, LOL, I know I wont be wasting any Favors to Rename My Vamp anytime soon, seems like a waste of Favors to me, but maybe when I am a few hundred levels higher I will have favors to burn like my Sire

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