Profile Picture Customization




  • Elise Van Vessem

    perfect instructions... had no problems setting this up!!

  • Ʀεδεɱρϯɨøɳ

    Didn't work yesterday. redoing validation & authorization again today. ... Stand by....

  • Ʀεδεɱρϯɨøɳ

    Still not happening. I'll try again some other time. Thanx.

  • Joeb

    @Lorraine : The email that you type in the Validation line has to match exactly the email address you used when you signed up on Gravatar. If it doesn't, your Gravatar won't work.

    Once your validated and authorized, you have to click on your in-game picture to see the Gravatar.

    If you have any more issues, please submit a ticket request to support so they can help walk you through it.

  • Debby Keenan

    Worked great ...thanks

  • Kathryn

    Cannot figure out how to create a Game picture. Help

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