Profile Picture Customization

In VDS you have two options for displaying your in-game profile picture. The default option displays your current Facebook profile picture. The second option is to use Gravatar to display your profile picture.

Facebook profile pictures are displayed to everyone on Facebook, and change in-game when you update your Facebook profile picture.

Gravatar profile pictures are uploaded to the Gravatar website. These are seen only in-game, and are not visible on Facebook.

Provided you've correctly signed up for a free Gravatar account, you have the ability to toggle between both pictures at any time.


How Gravatar in VDS Works
You can use your own custom profile picture by signing up for a free account at Gravatar. Note that the email address you use to create your free Gravatar account must be valid.

As an added layer of security to your Gravatar account, VDS has a validation and authorization process in order to activate your Gravatar. This means a Gravatar account without a valid email address will be inaccessible by VDS.


Validating & Authorizing Your Gravatar
Validation and authorization is quick and easy. Once you've created your Gravatar account and uploaded a picture, enter VDS and click Profile.

Beneath your profile picture, click the small Gravatar icon.

(Gravatar icon)

You will be greeted with a new window, explaining the steps to validate and authorize your Gravatar account.

1. Enter your Gravatar account email address into the line (this email is the same you use to log in to gravatar). Press Submit. The window will close and you receive a confirmation message that an email was sent.

Note: The email will be sent from NOREPLY Kwaai Software. If the email is not in your inbox within a few minutes, be sure to check your spam folder.

This email contains a verification code. Copy the entire verification code from your email.

2. Return to VDS. Click the Gravatar icon again. Continue with Step 2 by pasting your Authorization code into the line. Press Submit. The window will close and you will receive a confirmation that your Gravatar account was authorized.

Please do not enter your email address with the authorization code.

3. Click anywhere on your profile picture to toggle between your Facebook and Gravatar picture.

Please do not click the Gravatar icon to change your picture. You must click directly on your picture.

Note: if you repeat this process a second time, a second email will be sent to you with a new validation code. This will invalidate your first email. Please be sure to only send a validation email one time, unless you are switching to a different Gravatar account.


How to Switch Out Your Gravatar Picture
A) If you already have several pictures uploaded: To change your Gravatar picture, you must return to Gravatar and sign in with the correct email address. Once there, if you already have a new picture uploaded to your Gravatar account, simply click on the picture you want.

Even though you will see your new picture instantly on Gravatar, it could take 5-10 minutes for the picture change to take effect in VDS.

B) If you only have one picture uploaded: To change your Gravatar picture, you must return to Gravatar and sign in with the correct email address. Once there, click the "add a new image" link and choose the picture you wish to upload.

The picture you've chosen will automatically become your default Gravatar picture.  Even though you will see your new picture instantly on Gravatar, it could take 5-10 minutes for the picture change to take effect in VDS.


Current & Recommended Picture Sizes
• Your profile pictures now display at 160px x 160px square. This includes your Facebook profile picture.

• Your uploaded Gravatar picture can be any size, but for best display we recommend your Gravatar picture is 160px x160px square or larger.

• Note that your uploaded picture does not need to be square, as Gravatar offers a cropping tool after upload that will assist you with making it square.

• If your uploaded picture is already square and you want the entire picture to display, make sure the cropping lines are all pulled completely to the edges.


What to Do If Your Gravatar Image Isn't Working

  • Verify that the email you used to sign into Gravatar is the same email you used in your validation input. This must be a valid email address in order to authorize.

  • If you're already validated and authorized, be sure you're clicking directly on your profile picture to change your picture, not the Gravatar icon.

    If you've already clicked the Gravatar icon and clicked submit to change your picture, you've reset your VDS account to display Facebook pictures only, and will need to repeat the validation/authorization process.
  • Verify that you have a picture uploaded to Gravatar.

    If you don't have a picture uploaded to Gravatar, you will see our default "Use Gravatar" image. To fix the issue, simply upload a picture to Gravatar.

  • Redo the Validation and Authorization process.

  • Submit a new ticket request to troubleshoot with our support agents.


What to Do If You're Not Using Gravatar
If you're not interested in using a custom profile picture, that's okay! Just continue to use your Facebook profile picture.


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    Elise Van Vessem

    perfect instructions... had no problems setting this up!!

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    ŦĪRЄ ЩØɱ₳Ɲ

    Didn't work yesterday. redoing validation & authorization again today. ... Stand by....

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    ŦĪRЄ ЩØɱ₳Ɲ

    Still not happening. I'll try again some other time. Thanx.

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    @Lorraine : The email that you type in the Validation line has to match exactly the email address you used when you signed up on Gravatar. If it doesn't, your Gravatar won't work.

    Once your validated and authorized, you have to click on your in-game picture to see the Gravatar.

    If you have any more issues, please submit a ticket request to support so they can help walk you through it.

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    Debby Keenan

    Worked great ...thanks

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    Cannot figure out how to create a Game picture. Help

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