Starting & Ending an Event

The Darkside clock is instrumental to you on event occasions, as all events begin at 0:00 Darkside Time (DST), on the specified date. The clock is always gold by default. It will turn green at the beginning of an event, and remain so for the entire duraiton of the event. At the end of an event, it will resume it's natural gold color.

The clock can be found above the MiniNav, on the upper right-hand side of your screen (see below for more).

What's a Mini Nav?
Shown below, the Mini Nav (Miniature Navigation) is a set of buttons that highlight important elements of the game.

What's the Darkside Clock?

Seen in the image below, the Darkside clock sits atop the Mini Nav. This clock helps you to know how much time has passed on the Darkside within one day. This information is helpful in discerning a variety of things, such as Focusing, Timer Refills, Age increments, and Live Gaming Events.

Here is an example of the Darkside Clock in it's Normal state (yellow), then it's Event state (Green):

Now that you understand the clock, there's yet another way to know an event is coming, in progress, or ended. Home page banners are instrumental for this, but during a Bash event they serve even another purpose.

Home Page Banners
A Home Page Banner is a graphic block that supplies images and information regarding important information. When active, it is located at the top of your Home Page, below the Player Quotes text line.

In the case of an event, you'll often see a Pre-Event banner in this space,announcing the event to come. When an event is in-progress, in this same space you'll see a banner telling you so. Usually this particular banner will link to the Vampiric Scream when clicked, so you can get fast access to the story, rules, etc.

During a Bash event, the Home Page Banner becomes extremely important, because clicking it will bring to a special page that deonotes which team you've been allocated to.

At the end of any event, this same banner space will confirm to you that the event is over.

Here is an example of an Event banner that Announces an Event in effect:

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