Announcements and Rules

There are two official channels for announcing Darkside events. The first and most important is to always read the latest Vampiric Scream.

The next is to be sure you've liked or are subscribed to the Vampires: The Darkside Fan Page. Doing both will ensure you never miss a single event!

The VDS Fan Page
The Fan Page is where VDS represents itself on Facebook. It not only gives a description of and access to the game, but it's also another way to be in touch with you with special news, announcements, polls, and updates you can interact with.

The Fan Page is an excellent resource and we encourage everyone to Like and/or Subscribe to it so you never miss an update.

Event Story & Rules Pages
Is your best source for VDS events. It is usually distributed during the middle of the month. Event pages are the only official place that tell the event's story, gameplay modifications, rules, prizes and many othe event-related information are posted.

Event pages can be easily accessed via a single button on your Home page.
( Home > News & Updates )

Here's an example of each style of Event to give you an idea of what story, rules, prizes are like in the news. These are actual Vampiric Screams from previous events:

Bloodwars (2014)

Reaping Month (2014)

Deadfall: Obscura Collectus (2014)

Slaughter Games (2014)

*please note that some rules may have changed for current events. Always refer to the most current Event page!

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