Live Gaming Events: Overview

Vampires: The Darkside is one of the only games to hold regular Officially Hosted Live Gaming Events. Live Gaming Events are fun, exciting and special game-wide happenings, where for a set duration of time (usually 48hrs) the entire Darkside competes to complete specific challenges. The challenges of each event are different, and are can be completed individually or in teams, for the sake of super cool prizes and post-event giveaways.

Events have different themes and rule-sets that apply to each type. The common denominator between them all is that certain gameplay functionality is enhanced to encourage game-wide combat (including being able to fight your own clan), with great encouragement on social interaction, and obvious all for really killer rewards.

The events are hosted by the developers of the Darkside, who determine the event's goals, type, and theme. Because they are put together for you, it is common for the community's input to matter in events, and in those cases special polls appear on the VDS Fan Page asking for a majority vote to decide the next event. We always encourage you to Like or Subscribe to our Fan Page to stay up to date with important polls and announcements such as events.


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