Desk Access: Verification Email

When you register directly with the Community Support Desk you are sent a verification email to the email address you registered with.

After registration, opening and following the instructions of this verification email is extremely important.

The verification link in this email is what activates your account on the desk.

Without activating your account, our support staff cannot send you follow-up replies to your ticket requests. This means your request cannot be solved because there is no communication possible between you and us.

Should you be missing the verification email, be sure to check your Spam folder or any other folder that the email may have mistakenly arrived in.

Should you not be able to find the email, return to the Community Support Desk and look for the re-send verification email. Alternately, you could try using this Registration Help Page.

This article may require updating. If you have knowledge you'd like to share to keep this article up to date, please do so by commenting below, or by submitting a new ticket request with your information included.

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